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Spark: Confidentiality Laws

Deepen your team’s understanding of minor consent laws, and explore best practices for providing confidential care to adolescents. By the end of this Spark, participants will be able to state the legal requirements for minor consent and distinguish between laws, policies and best practices regarding minor consent.

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The Adolescent Health Initiative commends plans at the Federal level, as of December 2019, to distribute HIV prevention medication, PrEP, free to individuals who do not have prescription drug coverage. Minor access to PrEP without parental consent varies by state, thus resources may not reflect current recommendations, but will be updated and noted as they become available.

Confidentiality Resources by State
Presentation Slides

View presentation slides on the topic of youth confidentiality laws in Michigan.


View information on youth confidentiality laws in the state of Michigan.

Activity Handout

View the activity handout to learn more about youth confidentiality laws.


Download a poster about privacy laws and adolescent health care.

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