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OLLI has many different committees from which to choose, based on your interests and experience. Find out more below.

Volunteer Information
Lead a Study Group or Shared Interest Group

Volunteers lead Study Groups and Shared Interest Groups. They have a rich diversity of backgrounds and experiences and want to share or explore a topic with our members.  

Do you want to share a favorite topic with people who may have a similar interest? You dont need to be an expert to lead an OLLI Study Group. Our study group leaders are talented facilitators, who find great satisfaction in leading  study groups with information, idea generation and thoughtful discussion. 

Study group leaders may use materials such as presentations, books, articles, films, videos, on-line courses, discussion agendas or other pertinent content.

Do you want to organize and facilitate a new Shared Interest Group (SIG)?  If so, OLLI is ready to receive and evaluate proposals! 

A Shared Interest Group (SIG) brings together members who have a common interest that they wish to pursue indefinitely within a structure of meetings and activities designed primarily by the members of the group.  A SIG typically strives to develop a sense of community and friendship among its members even as it endeavors to enhance members’ skills, education and experiences.  A SIG is a participatory group in which all members are included in selecting topics to explore and researching information to bring back to the group.  

Applications and other relevant documents are available below:

Committee Work

OLLI has many different committees from which to choose, based on your interests and experience.  They are:

Big Hearts for Seniors is a program made up of five community programs including the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UM. The objective is to raise funds and awareness for these essential UM Health System community programs that enhance the quality of life for older adults. Contact Angela Bingham, [email protected].

For those who have an interest or experience in development for nonprofits, this committee offers and opportunity to find alternative means of funding OLLI programs and activities. Contact Susan Fisher, [email protected].

This is a sub-committee of the Lectures Committee (see below). These well-connected volunteers plan and implement the Distinguished Lecture Series Committee by brainstorming and recruiting speakers on themes of the committee’s choosing. Contact Frances Schultz, [email protected].

Contact Steve Nason, [email protected].

This is an enjoyable committee, focusing on conceiving, planning, and publicizing approximately six evening programs per year that highlight interesting people and activities in Ann Arbor or Michigan. Please contact Emily Eisbruch, [email protected].

This committee develops financial objectives including an annual budget and input into the OLLI five-year strategic plan. They review and analyze expenditures and revenue and make recommendations on fees. Contact Stuart Lockman, [email protected].

Plan and organize the annual OLLI Kickoff scheduled in Sept.  The committee identifies a speaker, corresponds with the speaker and Turner staff (invitations, instructions to the speaker and staff) organizes greeters and table volunteers, finalizes the auditorium arrangement. It is the perfect OLLI gateway committee - few meetings, few tasks, while providing a great opportunity to gain insight into the OLLI organizational structure. Contact Lynn Boyer, [email protected].

These well-connected volunteers plan and implement the Distinguished Lecture Series and the Thursday Morning Lecture Series by brainstorming and recruiting speakers on themes of the committee’s choosing. Large group meetings occur monthly, with smaller subcommittee meetings happening in the interim between large committee meetings. Contact OLLI office: [email protected].

Have you ever considered combining your participation in the in-person and virtual programs of the Out of Town Committee with actually functioning as a program lead on the Committee itself?  The Committee always welcomes new members to participate in identifying travel themes and destinations and planning the itineraries for the programs. The Committee meets year round on the second Wednesday of the month from 2 to 4 P. M.  You can initiate your participation on this Committee by contacting the OLLI Out of Town Chair, Ruth Primas, at [email protected].

This committee creates opportunities to foster social interaction among members by planning and helping implement social opportunities separately or as a part of other OLLI events such as the OLLI Winter Open House and coordinating social support with other relevant committees.

Contact Angela Bingham, [email protected].

Do you enjoy collaborating with interesting people?  The mission of the Study Group Committee is to recruit study group leaders and help develop and support study groups that our OLLI members will find interesting, thought provoking, diverse and high quality.  We meet once a month, except July and December.  

Other Volunteer Roles

Volunteers also support OLLI’s work through:

  • Serving as greeters at lectures and special events
  • Helping with registration at lectures
  • Filing and archiving OLLI materials
  • Proofreading flyers and brochures prior to publication
  • Answering phones, copying, and doing other tasks in the OLLI office