Community Health Investments
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Since 2017, Michigan Medicine has invested proactively in the CHNA health priorities by giving monies through grants to community-based agencies working on social determinants of health and internal community-based programs.

Community Health Planning and Investment

These grants have worked to improve:

  • Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
  • Obesity and Related Illnesses
  • Pre-conceptual and Perinatal Health
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2022-2023 Funding Opportunity

Applications for the Michigan Medicine-Community Health Services (MM-CHS) grants are NOW OPEN (December 5, 2022-January 20, 2023).

We are looking for projects that influence the Community Health Needs Assessment priorities mental health & substance use disorders, obesity & related illness, and pre-conceptual and perinatal health.

Projects must be  focused on innovation and/or strengthen programs, policies, and other interventions within Washtenaw County that target health equity and the social determinants of health (SDOH). For more information on SDOH CLICK HERE.  

This is the second funding cycle for MM-CHS; in 2017, MM operationalized the CHNA/IP through funding 27 projects that focused on at least one of the health priority areas and SDOH/Health Equity. Michigan Medicine has renewed its commitment in the 2021 UNITE CHNA and IP to continue to support community health and the implementation of the CHNA by funding community-based work.

In current CHNA & IP, there were both targeted and emerging SDOH that were identified. Targeted SDOH included: Poverty, Housing/Homelessness, Social Isolation, & Food Security and emerging SDOH were: Climate Change, Incarceration, & Medical Debt. We are looking for projects in both the targeted and emerging SDOH, as well as other SDOH.

Request for Proposals:

Application links based on eligibility:

Informational webinar:

A webinar was hosted on Tuesday, December 14, 2022 from 3-5 pm. Please see the recorded webinar and the corresponding presentation slides below:


The Community Health Coordinating Committee (CHCC), comprised of a combination of University of Michigan subject experts, Community Health Services staff, and community members serves as an advisory body for this community health improvement work.


Programs and Projects

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