Arts in Health Team and Partners
Colorful handprints in paint on a white sheet

Working Together to Bring Healing Through Art

Arts in Health professionals make up the Gifts of Art team at Michigan Medicine. We are also grateful for our many partners and affiliated organizations.

The Gifts of Art Team
Elaine Sims
Phone: 734-936-7634
Stacy Salles, CMP®
Certified Music Practitioner
Phone: 734-936-9431
Laura Mettam
Communications & Performing Arts Coordinator
Phone: 734-936-7960
Jessica Butts
Bedside Art Practitioner
Phone: 734-936-9431
Candace Meyers
Financial & Administrative Specialist
Phone: 734-936-ARTS
Kathi Talley
Visual Arts Coordinator – Exhibits & Art Cart
Phone: 734-936-8829
Gregory Maxwell, CMP®
Certified Music Practitioner
Phone: 734-936-9431
Elaine Reed
Bedside Art Coordinator
Phone: 734-936-9431
Sam Vandiver, CMP®
Certified Music Practitioner, Writer-in-Residence
Phone: 734-936-9431
Partners & Affiliated Organizations

We are grateful for our many colleagues and partners. Here is a list in alphabetical order of the organizations that we work with at Michigan Medicine, the University of Michigan, and beyond.

Bedside musicians stand together for photo with instruments

The Arts in Health Bedside Music team