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Apply for Friends Gift Shop Funding

Friends provides funding to Michigan Medicine programs and services that embrace and fulfill its mission of promoting the health, welfare and education of the community.

Our Friends Funding Committee meets quarterly in July, October, January and April. This committee consists of approximately 5-8 members that share their knowledge, expertise and insight for each application request for funding based on the guidelines on this page.

Application for Funding
Questions about applying for funding Contact:
Waitzy Brown
Administrative Assistant, Michigan Medicine Friends Gift Shop Advisory Board

Funding Application Process

After a thorough review and discussion, the Funding Committee provides funding applicant recommendations to the Michigan Medicine Friends Advisory Board. We look forward to receiving your applications and will notify you after the board makes a decision.

The Michigan Medicine Friends Advisory Board and Gift Shops is a nonprofit organization. The Friends Advisory Board governs the Michigan Medicine Gift Shops and Friends Committees.

Funding has been granted to support:

  • Health education in the community
  • Enrichment of the hospital environment
  • Off-site and in-house programs for patients
  • Construction and equipment used by patients

Past Funding Recipients

Past and current recipients of funding include Trail's Edge Camp for ventilator-dependent children, Trauma Burn Community Outreach programs, the Health System Child Care Center, Wilmot House, Transplant House, the Ronald McDonald House, the Depression Education Resource Center, and Arts in Health programs and more.

How to apply: Application and guidelines
  1. Granting of requests for funding must follow the Mission Statement of the FRIENDS. The Friends of the University of Michigan Hospital is a nonprofit organization established to render service to the UMHS and their patients and to assist in promoting the health and welfare of the Community.
  2. Complete the entire application (including all fields required) and submit by the quarterly deadlines (The first of December, March, June, or September). Incomplete applications will be returned. The Friends Funding Committee reviews applications quarterly (January, April, July and October).
  3. We DO NOT fund the following: Salaries or consultant fees, Research projects, Fundraising events and/or related costs associated with it, Medical procedures (medical devices or medical equipment), Scholarships or Standard Department equipment (capital) or Inducement/Incentives of any kind. If your fund request does not involve what is mentioned in #3, please proceed with the online application process. Note that all applications that do not meet the requirements will be rejected and notified by email.
  4. Funding must be approved by any (or all) of the following: Head nurse; Project manager; or Manager/Supervisor. In some cases, we may need to consult with the Corporate Compliance Office to verify that your fund request(s) meet the Code of Conduct and Compliance Program. You will be notified of this prior to the Friends Funding Committee quarterly review.
  5. Projects requiring installation, construction or structural adjustments/changes must have prior approval from the appropriate departments with estimates and proposal plan prior to submitting a request for funding with Friends.
  6. Requests may be delayed if applications are incomplete or need further information. The Friends Board wants to make intelligent, fair decisions on funding requests. The more detailed information you provide, the better we can understand the request. Feel free to attach details, quotes, or photos if necessary.
  7. Extraneous equipment such as Laptops, DVD players and/or TV sets, items not included or available in departmental budgets but will directly enrich the patient’s experience may be considered. Explanation of the experience should be provided and security measures of the items should be detailed. *NOTE: We no longer fund iPads due to security issues. We recommend seeking other funding sources or borrow from other UM departments
  8. A request that more properly fits another funding area such as (OPE/PEAC) Office of Patient Experience, Patient Education Awards Committee or Department budgets will be suggested to the applicant (requestor). Please email [email protected] for further information.
  9. Publications that are identified or considered a part of a department’s community outreach program that extends into a larger community on behalf of the UMHS can be considered.
  10. Funding Budget will be determined by the Funding Committee at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  11. Programs that Friends has supported annually for a period of time, should be reviewed when a request for continuation of funding is received and not “rubber stamped.”
  12. Applicants requesting funds may be asked to make a short presentation outlining the proposed project and goals to the Friends Gift Shops Funding Committee and/or Advisory Board members.
  13. Applicants understand that if approved for funding, a follow up presentation and/or proof of project/program completion to the MM Friends is required upon 3 months of the project/program completion date.
  14. MM Friends Advisory Board Guidelines must be met in order to be considered.

Please contact the Friends Advisory Board Administrative Assistant if you need any assistance with the application at [email protected]

First and last name of applicant
Email address
Title of person filling out application
Organization address
Project name

Director, Nurse, Department Head (if different from above)
First and last name of applicant 
Email address
Title of person filling out application

Does the project involve incentives/inducements? 
Does the project involve artwork, interior design, structural adjustments, remodel etc.?

Organization Mission?

How long is the duration of your project?
Date funding is needed?
Proposed start date?
Proposed completion date?

Currently being funded by Friends include: 
Project/Program Name?
Month & Year?
Amount Granted $?
Has this project been funded before?

ChartField information below:
Project grant

Amount requesting of Friends $?
Total amount of project/program?

Long term strategies for maintaining funding for this project?
Does your agency/department have sufficient unrestricted cash?

Is this a one-time or repeat request?
Is partial funding helpful?
Target audience and number of people it will serve?
Goal of the project outcome?
Purpose of Grant? 
Grant summary?
Overall department/agency's project relate to the mission of your agency?
Describe services your program/project will provide? 
Sustainability of the program/project?

3-year forecast of agency's 3-5 goals with this project?

Seeking funding from other sources yes or no.  If yes, what sources? If no, why not?

Other revenue sources for this project & amount? 

If approved, what will the funding cover? 

Ability to upload statements, invoices, estimates, vendors, descriptions etc.

If your departmental request for funding meets our funding guidelines above, fill out the MM Friends Advisory Board online funding application.

Friends do not fund fee-generating equipment for the hospitals, direct salary support, materials for the education of hospital staff or research projects.

Interior Design and Structural Adjustments Requirements

If you have not received approval by the appropriate department, contact us prior to filling out the UMHS Friends Fund Application.

Pre-Approval contacts: Each department is responsible for specific locations. Please contact them for authorization, approval and estimates prior to submitting application to Friends for funding.

  • Facility Planning & Development: 7-2760