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Illustration with mint green background depicting a male doctor in a white coat walking toward fantastical, oversized flowers. A shadow of a hand beckons him forward.
Medicine at Michigan
Big ideas. Big leaps forward.
Innovative researchers at Michigan Medicine are imagining a brighter future--one where we catch cancer before it metastasizes, where we diagnose bipolar disorder with a simple blood test, and several other possibilities for making our health, and our lives, better.
A mom snuggles with her two elementary-age children on a couch
Medicine at Michigan
Portraits of love
The journeys of behavioral health patients at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital are not easy, especially in the midst of a national children's mental health crisis. But families and health care providers are doing their best for the children and adolescents they love.
Black and white illustration of the exterior of the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Health Care Pavilion.
Medicine at Michigan
What can a building be?
The D. Dan and Betty Kahn Health Care Pavilion will open its doors to patients in the fall of 2024. While the hospital is under construction, experts are anticipating a new kind of health care building that will be both high-tech and "homey."
Illustration of a syringe. The liquid is in the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ pride flag.
Medicine at Michigan
Future doctors prepare to care for LGBTQIA+ patients
U-M medical students have created a curriculum to teach their peers about health care issues specific to LGBTQIA+ patients
People cheer in the stands at a Michigan football game
Medicine at Michigan
Football fun
Photo essay of the October 2023 football game between U-M and Indiana. Photos feature alums of the U-M Medical School, who attended the alumni reunion that weekend.
A group of five people, including U-M president Santa Ono, standing in a banquet room.
Medicine at Michigan
Class Notes for winter 2024
Personal and professional updates from graduates of the University of Michigan Medical School.
headshot of alice zheng wearing a black blazer and purple blouse
Medicine at Michigan
Alice Zheng was once skeptical of business
The course of Alice Zheng’s life changed when she audited a class at the U-M Ross School of Business during her first year of medical school. Before taking the class, Zheng was skeptical of business. Now she’s a venture capitalist supporting women’s health.
Watercolor illustration of two women in conversation sitting in chairs and facing each other.
Medicine at Michigan
Q&A: Advice for an aspiring physician
A physician-scientist talks with a new medical student about what it takes to achieve career goals — and work-life balance.
Cartoon-like illustration of worried parents looking at a teen who is accessing apps on her cell phone. App logos float in the air around them.
Medicine at Michigan
We've been asking the wrong questions about kids and screen time
A researcher at Michigan Medicine is asking different questions and finding fresh answers that put less pressure on parents and more on the tech industry.
artistic and colorful graphic of a person meditating in nature
Medicine at Michigan
What does it all mean?
Why it's important to talk about spirituality in medical school.
headshot of henry bell. he has glasses and is wearing a tuxedo with a gold and blue bowtie.
Medicine at Michigan
An early injury inspired a career in medicine
When Henry Bell Jr. was a young boy, his sister was mowing the lawn and ran over the rock, which hit him in the eye. He spent two weeks in the hospital and discovered his dream: to become an ophthalmologist.
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