Community Sponsorship

The Michigan Medicine corporate sponsorship program follows a thorough process of evaluating sponsorship opportunities. The committee will look for charitable opportunities that support the organization’s strategy, mission and goals.

Sponsorship FAQs
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How We Evaluate Proposals

Sponsorship proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria, with the over-arching goal to serve a community need and mutually benefit Michigan Medicine and the receiving organization. In addition to the criteria, sponsorships must be consistent with all regulatory requirements as outlined in the U-M Standard Practice Guide section 507:01:VI.

Contact Us
Michigan Medicine Sponsorship Committee
7325A Med Sci I
1301 Catherine St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5624
Phone: 734-647-4534

Criteria for Consideration

  • Supports an organization/effort that aligns with Michigan Medicine's strategic direction, mission and/or priority areas
  • Supports a project or organization with an existing relationship with Michigan Medicine, including providing research funding.
  • Supports leadership’s community service activities
  • Supports a not-for-profit, charitable organization
  • Improves the health or social conditions of the communities serve by Michigan Medicine
  • Creates goodwill and/or other notable intangible community benefits
  • Creates positive exposure for Michigan Medicine's brand and an opportunity for increased visibility and reach
  • Offers potential for a sustainable long-term partnership
  • Supports the interests of health sciences students in the community

Funding and Request Limitations

We have a limited sponsorship budget. As such, all requests are subject to funding availability regardless of consistency with criteria and regularity requirements.

Michigan Medicine will not support the following:

  • Local sports organizations (i.e. little league)
  • Political candidates or organizations
  • Requests that benefit an individual or family
  • Employees, teams or other individuals in a fundraising event or activity

Application Process

To apply for sponsorship funding, download and fill out the Sponsorship Request Form. Only one request may be submitted per organization per fiscal year.

Please submit requests at least four months in advance to allow time for review and planning. Requests that are received less than four months in advance of the deadline risk being excluded from consideration.

A committee comprised of representatives from across Michigan Medicine will review all sponsorship requests. All decisions made by the committee are final. Sponsorship decisions will be based on consistency with the mission, vision and strategic goals of Michigan Medicine and funding availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about sponsorship.