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Providing community benefit and conducting community health needs assessments is something that all nonprofit hospitals are federally required to do, in order to maintain tax-exempt status, and they are a critical part of demonstrating accountability to our communities.

Community Health Planning and Investment

Community Health Planning and Investment is home to three areas: Community Benefit, Community Health Needs Assessment, and Health Anchor Network. 

Through our three areas, Michigan Medicine provides numerous local and statewide community programs and services that make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families who make up our communities.

As a world-class academic health center, we treat and care for everyone, including those who may have barriers to affording and accessing healthcare, and we create and participate in various outreach programs, support groups and services designed to improve health and help everyone, including individuals who may never be U-M patients.

This is part of our commitment to improving overall health and increasing access to care for all.

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Every tax-exempt hospital is federally required to prepare a Community Benefit report to justify their tax-exempt status.

Please see our SharePoint website for more information on reporting of Community Benefit. Please note that the SharePoint website is for internal users and requires a Michigan Medicine login.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) requires tax-exempt hospitals to conduct and publicly report a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Implementation Plan every three (3) years.

The CHNA Requirements are designed to ensure that community benefit activities are responsive to community health needs identified, and are both measurable and transparent. Failure to comply with these requirements could lead to a $50,000 excise tax and possible loss of tax-exempt status.

In 2021, for the 3rd time, all nonprofit hospitals in Washtenaw County, Michigan collaborated to conduct a single Community Health Needs Assessment for the shared geographic region of Washtenaw County. The hospitals, Trinity Health Ann Arbor, Chelsea Hospital, and Michigan Medicine, conducted a collaborative community health data collection and assessment.  The process was facilitated by the Washtenaw Health Initiative.

To request a copy of previous CHNA Reports or Implementation Plans, please contact the UM Health Department of Community Health Services at (734) 998-2156.

Anchor Institutions are large, place-based organizations that have a significant and lasting footprint within the areas they serve. Commonly identified as universities and hospitals, Anchor Institutions play an integral role in their local communities and often possess a wealth of both tangible and intangible assets, like expertise, economic capital, and a notable workforce.

Michigan Medicine is one of the largest healthcare systems in the state and a renowned center of medical and academic excellence with a mission “To advance health to serve Michigan and the world.” We fulfill this mission by providing high quality health care, medical education, and biomedical research. However, we understand that the concept of health is multifaceted. It is influenced by our environment - where we live, work, learn and play and pray.

Data shows that social, economic, and environmental factors, also known as social determinants, can have a tremendous impact on individual and community health and we assert that moving the needle on health outcomes is not solely rooted in the practice of medicine, but ensuring that our communities have access to appropriate resources and opportunities to mitigate the social determinants, especially in those communities that suffer from socio-economic disadvantages and inequities.

Michigan Medicine, in our commitment to bridging the gap between healthcare and healthy communities, has joined the Healthcare Anchor Network, a growing collaborative of 70+ health systems engaged to harness the collective power of its members, to elevate community health and wealth.

Community Benefit Programs

Discover programs and services that benefit the community, including those typically reported in the Michigan Medicine response to the Michigan Hospital Association's annual community benefits survey.

Community Investments

Learn about current and past projects that focus on the CHNA priorities and Social Determinants of Health.

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