About Community Health Services
Two women seated, one Black and one White, wearing masks and looking at papers

Since 1997

Community Health Services has a long tradition of offering services and programs to care for our community residents.

CHS Programs
Mission & Vision
Our Mission
To lead Michigan Medicine in improving access, equity and health outcomes in the Community and for those we serve
Our Vision
By 2025, our communities will have access to high-quality, innovative, equitable and responsive services that support comprehensive health and well-being.
Contact Us
Community Health Services
3621 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Phone: 734-998-2156

Our Goal

Community Health Services’ goal is to improve the health of our communities by:

  • Caring for the Health of Our Children: Providing clinical services and programs that support healthy behaviors of our children and adolescents.
  • Promoting the Health of Our Families: Supporting the spectrum of chronic and acute health care in our area by implementing community health education, promotion and clinical programs and services.
  • Protecting Health and Quality of Life for Older Adults: Addressing specific needs of our older adults and homebound residents to address hunger and food insecurity, health and housing counseling and assistance.
  • Improving Mental Health Support & Reducing Substance Abuse: Improving mental health and substance abuse through prevention and by ensuring access to appropriate, quality mental health services and supports.
  • Developing Future Health Leaders: Providing training to health care providers and students on evidence-based models, best practices, and culturally appropriate care to increase knowledge and provide experience for addressing the needs of our diverse population.
Our Strategies
  1. Integrate Community Health with Clinical Operations
  2. Address the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Priorities
  3. Build local, regional and statewide partnerships to address SDOH
  4. Develop and Promote the Community Health Services Brand
  5. Demonstrate Operational Excellence
  6. Establish New Growth Opportunities to Foster Sustainability
Our History

Since 1997, Community Health Services has aligned community-based programs and services with Michigan Medicine and our community partners.

Our programs and services span the spectrum of health education, promotion and clinical care and support efforts to improve quality of life and provide opportunities for residents to stay active, healthy and connected to our community.

Community Health Services Administrative Team
Headshot of Alfreda Rooks, Director of Community Health Services at Michigan Medicine Alfreda Rooks, MPA
Director of Community Health Services
Smiling black woman wearing black and white striped dress seated with hands clasped in front Angie Johnson
Assistant Director
Ellen Buist - head and shoulders Ellen Buist
Project Manager
Therese Galea - head and shoulders Therese Galea
Financial Specialist
White man with beard standing outside smiling and wearing blue polo shirt Robert Krasa
Grant Writer
Guy Provenza - head and shoulders Guy Provenza
Human Resources
user Debra Williams
Accounting Clerk
Daniel Zemke - head and shoulders Daniel Zemke
Marketing Program Manager
Community Health Services Program Directors
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Smiling white woman with blond hair and glasses wearing green dress standing outside Janet Hunko
Director, Housing Bureau for Seniors
Smiling black man with glasses wearing blue shirt and yellow striped tie Robert Newman
Friends Gift Shop Manager
Smiling black woman wearing black and white striped dress seated with hands clasped in front Angie Johnson
Director, Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools; Acting Director, Volunteer Services
Smiling black woman with hair parted on the side wearing glasses and blue dress Dana Thomas, MPH
Director, Adolescent Health Initiative
Smiling white woman standing outside with light brown hair wearing black dress and pink and black hoop earrings Courtney Vanderlaan, MSW
Director, Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels
Smiling white woman with long brown hair wearing burgundy and pink flowered dress Karen Zynda, MPH, RDN
Director of Community Benefit and Community Health Needs Assessment