About Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
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The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI-UM) was established in 1987 by Turner Geriatric Clinic volunteers for people who love learning.

Under sponsorship of the University of Michigan Health System, OLLI-UM is affiliated with Elderhostel Institute Network and the Bernard Osher Foundation. The approximately 1300 members of OLLI-UM oversee and develop an extensive program of top quality lectures and offer a wide variety of study groupstravel excursions,  and weekend and evening events, and social/cultural gatherings.

OLLI members are a diverse group drawn from Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. Membership is intended for all enthusiastic learners over age 50, approaching or living in retirement, regardless of previous education. OLLI-UM is dedicated to challenging minds and stimulating the spirit to maintain healthy bodies.

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OLLI Mission Statement

The mission of OLLI is to enhance quality of life by providing stimulating, meaningful, and high-quality lecture series, classes, travel and social events for an increasingly diverse group of persons 50 and older. OLLI is a volunteer centered organization in that it offers programs for older adults, designed by older adults. It capitalizes on the skills, knowledge, and experience of dedicated senior volunteers who actively plan and implement the learning programs for their peers.

OLLI at U-M responds in traditional and innovative ways to address the interests and needs of its members. Its programming will foster social engagement and ensure quality learning opportunities that enhance the lives of senior learners.

OLLI envisions a thriving local community that welcomes older adults of diverse backgrounds, interests, and subject matter expertise engaging in learning experiences and social opportunities that foster shared understanding, learning, and global change.

OLLI values our community assets: children, residents, those over fifty years old and lifelong learners. Within our membership we value the rich sharing of diverse ideas, experiences, identities, and backgrounds. We see OLLI's lifelong learners exploring, adding to, modeling, and challenging a more inclusive community.

  • OLLI is proactive with innovative programming responsive to the needs of the community.
  • OLLI is an open, inclusive, diverse, equitable organization that supports dignity for everyone.
  • OLLI provides opportunities for critical thinking and inspiring open and respectful discussion for lifelong learning.

The Membership Roundtable came together for five meetings February through April 2022 at the recommendation of the Leadership Council to assess the dynamics of the drop in membership and provide recommendations for its growth and enrichment.


The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at U of M evolved from a program called Learning in Retirement, which was established in 1987 by Turner Geriatric Clinic volunteers at the University of Michigan. The successes of the Learning in Retirement program gained recognition from the Bernard Osher Foundation in the form of substantial grants to enhance and expand programming.

In March of 2007 — in recognition and appreciation of Osher Foundation contributions — the Learning in Retirement Board of Directors changed the organization name to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Michigan and hosted a celebratory program.

In 2012, Learning in Retirement/Osher Lifelong Learning Institute concluded 25 years of service to learners aged 50+. We are pleased to have enabled so many people to enhance their lives. We are proud of our long-term affiliation with the excellence of the University of Michigan Geriatrics Center.

Angela Bingham
Phone: 734-998-9356
Ryan Luttermoser
Assistant Director
Phone: 734-998-7429
Wendy Ascione-Juska
Community Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 734-998-7429
OLLI Leadership Council 2022-23

OLLI-UM members elect an 18-member Leadership Council which sets priorities and policies on behalf of OLLI’s more than 1,700 members. Volunteers who serve in a leadership role or as a committee chair enjoy a rich experience. This deep member participation provides opportunities to use expertise developed over a lifetime, apply it in new ways, and form close connections with fellow OLLI members.

Nina Abney
Associate Director for Social Work and Community Programs, 
Geriatric Center, Michigan Medicine

Lynn Boyer

Gloria Edwards

Ryan Luttermoser
OLLI Assistant Director

Ruth Dunkel
Professor, U-M School of Social Work

Craig Ramsay
Past President

Social Interaction Committee

Frances Schultz
Vice President, Chair

Bernie Beach
Chair, Social Interaction Committee

Shannon Etcherverry
Interim Assistant Director, Turner Center

Faye Askew King

Emily Eisbruch

Susan Fisher
Chair, Development Committee

Steve Nason
Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Bob Rorke

Craig Stephan

Ann Tomlanovich
Chair, Study Group Committee

Rebecca VanDyke
Chair, Shared Interest Groups

Angela Bingham
OLLI Director

Larry Imerman, Jim MacBain, Katherine Woo
Co-Chairs, Lectures Committee

Rudi Lindner

Stuart Lockman
Chair, Finance Committee

Camille Orso

Ruth Primas
Chair, Out of Town Committee

Katherine Woo

Stuart Simon (Temporary chair)
Evenings With OLLI

Will Hawk