Giving to Molecular & Integrative Physiology
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Creating a Critical Bridge Between Science and Medicine

Visionary faculty and students are striving to increase what we know about how the body works at the most basic cellular and molecular levels. Their goal: Determining what goes wrong in disease. Discoveries are leading to new treatments and a better understanding about how to maintain good health and prevent and reverse health challenges.

We are partnering with faculty in other departments and creating new knowledge about puberty, weight loss, and how the malfunction circadian rhythm impacts chronic conditions like diabetes and fatty liver diseases — just a few examples. Our research can benefit patients with cardiovascular disease, cancer, COVID-19, intestinal conditions, and more.

You can help. Your support will enable us to:

  • Launch pilot projects and create a pipeline of transformational research
  • Ensure early-career scientists have the resources they need to pursue new discoveries
  • Train and recruit the next generation of leaders in our field, including those from underrepresented groups

The Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology was founded in 1882 and is one of the top-supported programs by the National Institutes of Health. Your gift will be a critical part of our continued success, increasing health and well-being today and tomorrow.

Giving Opportunities
Molecular and Integrative Physiology Annual Fund
This fund will be directed to areas of greatest need or opportunity, from upgrading or replacing lab equipment to providing resources to our trainees, researchers, and faculty.
Help maintain in excellence in research
Graduate Education Fund in Physiology
Your gift propels the development of future biomedical researchers currently enrolled in the U-M Medical School, who will study the mechanistic basis of human diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Each dollar is matched by U-M.
Support tomorrow's leaders
Master’s Education Fund in Physiology
MSc in Physiology trains students who plan to pursue employment in a research lab, or to continue their education as Ph.D., medical, dental, or other health schools. Your gift will provide financial assistant to master students, and program activities.
Support tomorrow's leaders
Partner With Us

We would be pleased to discuss your interests and goals — and the impact your gift can have. We can connect you with faculty and staff, identify where your help is most needed, and share how giving can provide personal satisfaction as well as financial and tax benefits.

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Associate Director of Development