Community Outreach and Engagement Programs
Healthcare workers in PPE kit smile for the camera.

Michigan Medicine continues to provide several programs and services that benefit the community, such as those listed below.

Community Health Planning and Investment

Michigan Medicine continues to provide various outreach programs and reduced-fee services to our communities.  This section includes non-traditional community benefits typically reported in the Michigan Medicine response to the Michigan Hospital Association’s annual community benefits survey.

If you are a Michigan Medicine faculty or staff member, and would like your community-facing programs and services listed here, please contact the Office of Community Benefit and Community Health Assessment.

Community Outreach and Engagement Programs
Support for Community Organizations

Michigan Medicine is committed to giving back to the community by supporting the many organizations that are already working diligently to improve community health. As such, we provide services and staff to organizations and events including the American Heart Walk, the American Cancer Society, the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan, the March of Dimes, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the American Diabetes Association and the United Way.