Art Purchase
Carved eggs in a display case

Interested in buying a piece?

Learn more about how to own work from the Gifts of Art Program.

Artwork for sale in Gifts of Art in-hospital galleries display the price with the title. Artwork that is not for sale will have NFS (not for sale) instead.

For online exhibits, the price is displayed under the photo. If there is no price, the work is not for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a work of art, please email Gifts of Art or call 734-936-ARTS (2787). Michigan Medicine accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa. Artwork is subject to Michigan Sales Tax. Purchases available for local pick-up only.

To retain the integrity of the show, all artwork remains on exhibit until its completion. Purchase pick-up will be arranged by our Exhibition Program Coordinator, Kathi Talley.

To purchase art
Contact Gifts of Art
Phone: 734-936-2787