Bedside Music Program
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Soothing Sounds

We invite you to try a free music visit to help your stay be more comfortable and restorative.

Live music has an almost immediate stress-reducing and calming effect. Certified Music Practitioners® provide free live therapeutic music to adult inpatients at Michigan Medicine.

Request a Visit by a Bedside Musician
By Phone or Email
Request Bedside Music. Musicians available M-F.

Request Bedside Music on your Michigan Medicine inpatient iPad, or ask a clinician to request it for you on MiChart

Impacts of Live Therapeutic Music

• Promotes relaxation
• Distracts from pain
• Helps stimulate memories
• Lifts mood/spirit and promotes emotional healing and well-being
• Comforts patients in transition

Greg Maxwell works for U-M Health's Bedside Music program as a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP®), singing and playing his guitar in patient rooms.

Music Resources

For more information on music programs, visit the Music Resources page.