Spark Trainings
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Spark Discussion

Health practices across the country have limited time for staff and provider training. To meet the needs of busy health centers looking to improve their adolescent-centered practices, AHI offers mini-trainings called Sparks.

Questions About Sparks?
Sparks are free, ready-to-use, and include a PowerPoint presentation, a facilitator script, and follow-up materials. They are designed for providers or staff to deliver in 15-30 minutes at staff meetings or professional development opportunities. Sparks can be facilitated by providers or staff in any role, and are specifically designed to “spark” discussion and reflection among a multidisciplinary audience. Browse our Sparks library below.
Sparks Tutorial

More questions about Sparks? Take our tutorial.

New: Sparks+ Trainings

Discover our new Sparks+ training series: "Racial Justice for Youth in Schools: A Resource to Promote Healing."

Racial Justice for Youth in Schools
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Looking for customized support to make your health center more adolescent-centered? We offer technical assistance to providers across the United States.

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