Michigan Health Lab’s 5 Most Viewed Stories May Surprise You

From bathroom breaks to physician fashion trends, some interesting stories continue to rise to the top of readers’ searches.

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Author | Johanna Younghans

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The Michigan Health and Health Lab blogs are celebrating five years. Check out more anniversary stories: Golden Oldies: 5 Health Stories You Should Still ReadCelebrating 5 Years of the Michigan Health BlogMichigan Health Lab Turns 5

As with any anniversary, a trip down memory lane is necessary, if not required.

After digging through troves of articles over the last five years on the Michigan Health Lab blog, ranging from health technology and industry news, to new studies, clinical updates and more, some reader favorites were hard to ignore.

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No matter the publish date, the following five pieces remained heavily searched for on the blog's site--and they may surprise you.

Scroll through the list below, and be ready to bookmark a few:

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When Data Parasites Are a Positive
A Michigan Medicine cardiologist says a growing trend of data sharing will help to move science forward.
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Medicare pays for message-based e-visits. Are older adults using them?
Telehealth study of patient portal e-visits by Medicare participants shows few had an interaction for which their provider billed them.
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How to protect your eyes during the total solar eclipse
A Michigan Medicine ophthalmologist and retinal surgeon shares advice for viewing the total solar eclipse safely, including what to look for in eye protection.
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Around 10% of deaths from coronary stenting, balloon angioplasty are preventable
Around 10% of all deaths following percutaneous coronary intervention are potentially preventable, a study led by Michigan Medicine finds.
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Multimodal AI model may guide personalized treatments for tuberculosis
AI approach helps researchers interpret large biomedical data sets to accurately predict tuberculosis treatment prognosis
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Inaccurate pulse oximeter readings could limit transplants, heart pumps for Black patients with heart failure
Racially biased readings of oxygen levels in the blood using pulse oximeters may further limit opportunities for Black patients with heart failure to receive potentially lifesaving treatments, such as heart pumps and transplants