Johanna Younghans
Editor-in-Chief, Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab blogs


Younghans oversees both of Michigan Medicine's blogs, Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab. Most of her career has been spent working within the communication departments of several major academic medical centers in New York, Boston and now Michigan. Contact: @JoYounghans[email protected]

Johanna Younghans
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Health Lab
The most popular articles of 2023
With over 400 stories published on Health Lab in 2023, the following 10 articles were the most read of the year.
Health Lab
Cannabis, alcohol and how they affect the heart
How cannabis and alcohol affect your heart, according to top health care specialists at Michigan Medicine.
Health Lab
How depression, burnout impact your heart health
Michigan Medicine experts discuss the links between mental health and cardiovascular health
VAD heart device cooler red and teal
Health Lab
Medicare policy change could increase inequity in heart transplant access, study finds
Patients seen at transplant centers had almost 80% higher odds to receive “bridge-to-transplant” designation
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Health Lab
Michigan Health Lab’s most read articles of 2022
The year provided one fascinating research story after another.
collage of photos like kid with bloody nose heart rythm ontop of a body, doctor cartoon helping patient, kid lying down sick and more.
Health Lab
The 10 most popular stories of the year
Here’s what topics resonated with most readers of the Michigan Health blog. Can you guess what they were?
Health Lab
New gene found suppressed in scleroderma brings potential target for treatment
When the gene was suppressed in mice, signs of scleroderma started to develop.
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Health Lab
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Live your healthiest life (by getting these weekly emails)
Get tips each week from some of the nation’s top experts at Michigan Medicine.
Health Lab
How to help kids swallow pills in 7 easy steps
A child’s health may depend on taking certain medications, and pill swallowing can be difficult even if you’re an adult. A pediatric expert walks through 7 how-to tips to help teach children to take pills.
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Health Lab
21 research takeaways from 2021
Researchers and clinicians at University of Michigan Health continued to make discoveries that advanced medicine, health and science in 2021.
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Health Lab
For better wellness in the new year, 10 articles to read
Health tips from University of Michigan Health experts to help you thrive in the new year.
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Health Lab
His shortness of breath signaled a deeper, underlying issue
A rare autoimmune disease, myositis, caused one man to need a double lung transplant. Now that he’s recovered, he’s back to his favorite activities once again.
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Health Lab
Why you need the flu vaccine this year more than ever
Here’s why experts say you should get it now.
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Health Lab
COVID-19 coverage
The latest stories from the Michigan Health and the Michigan Health Lab on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.