Michigan Health Lab Turns 5

A thank you to the readers, and look back at the most read story of each year since our launch five years ago.

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Author | Johanna Younghans

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The Michigan Health and Health Lab blogs are celebrating five years. Check out more anniversary stories: Michigan Health Lab's 5 Most Viewed Stories May Surprise YouGolden Oldies: 5 Health Stories You Should Still ReadCelebrating 5 Years of the Michigan Health Blog

For the last five years, Michigan Medicine's Michigan Health Lab blog has brought you stories of groundbreaking research, innovative clinical trials, emerging health technologies, and new, life-saving procedures.

Since its launch, the blog has published over 1,700 posts. Its sister blog, the Michigan Health blog, which is celebrating the same anniversary, has published over 1,500 posts.

Designed as a destination for everyone interested in the future of health care, the Michigan Health Lab has provided a steady stream of cutting-edge research news since its launch.

Beginning with our very first story (Can a Website Keep Suicidal Thoughts Away?) to now (Treating Dental Pain with Opioids Linked to Higher Risk of Overdose in Patients and Family Members), our reporting has run the gamut from microbiologists working to protect our military and seemingly impenetrable diseases, to national polls on public health issues, trustworthy COVID-19 updates and more.

Although our the mission hasn't changed, the platform itself expanded from its earliest days to include the Michigan Medicine News Break podcast, an RSS feed, e-newsletters, moving graphics, educational graphs and more.

And the blog would be nowhere without you, our dedicated readers, who have followed us since the beginning or joined us along the way.

So, thank you.

Thank you for your trust. Thank you for reading and listening. Thank you to everyone who has followed us locally, nationally and across the globe. And thank you for demonstrating the value our health journalism brings to so many.

As Health Lab celebrates its first five years and looks forward to the ones ahead, here's a quick look back at our most read stories:

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Chemicals stored in home garages linked to ALS risk
A Michigan Medicine study finds that storing chemicals in a garage at home may associate with an increased risk of ALS.
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How to protect your eyes during the total solar eclipse
A Michigan Medicine ophthalmologist and retinal surgeon shares advice for viewing the total solar eclipse safely, including what to look for in eye protection.
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Around 10% of deaths from coronary stenting, balloon angioplasty are preventable
Around 10% of all deaths following percutaneous coronary intervention are potentially preventable, a study led by Michigan Medicine finds.
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Most new doctors face some form of sexual harassment, even after #MeToo
Sexual harassment of all kinds is a common experience among first-year medical residents, also known as interns, especially those in surgical specialties, but it may be declining.
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U.S. could cut cervical cancer cases, deaths by up to 20% if more patients followed up after screening, study suggests
Many women don’t get cervical cancer screening such as Pap tests, or don’t go for follow up diagnostic tests; a new study shows what could happen if all of them did.
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Michigan’s new firearm injury prevention laws: What everyone should know
Michigan has a set of new laws related to firearms, all designed to reduce the risk of injury and death across the state.