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pregnant mother wearing a mask indoors looking at her belly
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Researchers predict COVID baby boom
Study suggests the pandemic initially slowed down conception rates but anticipate a baby surge this summer. 
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COVID Vaccines and Kids: 20 Things to Know
As COVID vaccines become available to children ages 12-15, experts answer parents’ top questions about COVID-19 vaccination for adolescents and teens.
newborn baby sleeping hands blanket
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Babies with Seizures May Be Overmedicated
Study suggests that keeping newborns on longer term antiseizure medication may not prevent continued seizures or epilepsy or change development.
children playing hopscotch outside with no masks and trees on pavement
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Adults Unmasked: What That Means for Unvaccinated Kids
Until kids 12 and under can get vaccinated against COVID-19, what are the rules for them wearing masks and social distancing?
medical professional in scrubs at cart montior
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Better Balance, Speech and Hearing: What You Need to Know
Audiologists can help with more than your hearing; they can also help with better speech and balance for children and adults.
Doctor parent kid talking virtually on laptop character drawing
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More Kids Seeing Doctors Virtually but Some Parents Remain Hesitant
1 in 5 parents in new national poll say their child had a virtual health visit over the past year, a noticeable jump for pediatric telemedicine.
Teen girls with nature one by pond and grass and the other on the beach
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Long Haul COVID in Kids
A new clinic focuses on children and teens who experience lingering symptoms after COVID, including respiratory issues, fatigue and joint pain
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Mother Knows Best
Doctors, midwives and nurses share what they like best about being a mom, what it means to help women become mothers and top advice they share with new parents.
Woman smiling holding degree and standing outside with Michigan Radiology group. Blue Banner displaying behind them.
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A Radiologist’s Return: Lessons Learned After a 14-Year Hiatus
She made her comeback. Now she wants to help change the culture of medicine.
ten girl getting vaccine in arm
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The Forecast for COVID Vaccines for Kids
What parents can expect with vaccine rollouts among adolescents and younger children over the next few months and year.
kids soccer talking outside with two parents with only one person wearing a mask properly and virus particles floating around and looming in background in teal color
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COVID Upticks Among Kids and Teens: What Parents Should Know
Experts explain why places are seeing record increases in COVID infections among kids and how families can minimize exposure risks.
child sitting in red shirt checkered smiling
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Tipping the Scales
How a simple health care need gained importance during the pandemic.
child looking down at stethoscope on his chest while wearing mask outside and wearing blue shirt with firetrucks on it
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5 Ways to Get Young Kids to Wear Face Masks
New mandates require children ages 2-4 to wear masks at places like stores, daycare and camps. Specialists share their secrets to helping kids comply. 
child soccer ball yellow shirt with mask
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How Parents Rate Youth Sports Teams on Managing COVID-19 Precautions
As experts point to team sports as a driver of COVID youth cases, 1 in 4 parents give their sports leagues low rankings for consistently enforcing safety guidelines.
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Toddler with Spina Bifida Meets Paralympian: “She has crutches like me”
Young patient’s reaction to commercial featuring gold medalist and double amputee Jessica Long goes viral, leads to Zoom introduction.