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Mother with child and doctor receiving the Covid vaccine orange background
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Parents split on whether to vaccinate younger kids against COVID
3 in 4 parents say their child’s doctor will influence their decision about getting kids vaccinated against COVID, but many haven’t had the conversation.
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4 Olympic-themed activities for kids to try
Get ready to cheer for red, white and blue with these child-friendly games and crafts.
Gymnast performing at events in three photos
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Balancing life and medicine
How three former gymnasts apply lessons learned to their medical careers.
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Antibiotic prescriptions for kids plummet during pandemic
Study finds declines in prescription drugs dispensed to children during COVID-19, including infection-related medicines and some used for chronic diseases.
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10 reasons to put the COVID-19 vaccine on your back-to-school list
Starting the COVID-19 vaccination process in July and August can prepare teens and young adults for a safe school year and protect children who can’t be vaccinated.
Women holding newborn in rocking chair
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COVID vaccine reduces risk of severe illness in pregnant women, protects newborns
New research shows pregnant people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 are passing on that protection to their newborns, providing babies some immunity to Sars-CoV-2 before they enter the world.
girl talking to counselor with red hair on couch with parent there too in masks
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Study: Hospitalizations for eating disorders spike among adolescents during COVID
One hospital reports significant increase in medical admissions among adolescents with existing or newly developed eating disorders during pandemic.
Baby Amaris, who has a tube in her nose, smiles with mother at her side
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Amaris’ Michigan Answer: Many answers
During a scan, Johana’s OB/GYN noticed a rare and complicated defect called situs inversus whereby the baby’s liver and stomach were on the opposite side of where they were supposed to be. To make matters worse, further complications were discovered affecting the heart, lungs, spleen and intestines.
Doctors and nurses in surgery room performing surgery and looking at monitors.
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Breakthrough valve replacement offers non-surgical treatment for congenital heart disease
Michigan Medicine teams complete first procedures using new self-expanding heart valves for chronic pulmonary regurgitation, reducing risks of open heart surgery.
father with white shirt and black pants on who is on his cell phone with kids sitting on floor with blocks and bubbles on right and left of the dad with bright blue background
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Spotting delays in children’s developmental milestones
While a quarter of parents have worried about their child’s development, some turn to the web, family and friends or social media instead of a doctor.
teenager mask sitting in exam room
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What parents need to know about healthcare proxy accounts for kids 11 and up
When children turn 11, parents lose full access to their online health records because of Michigan state privacy laws. Learn what to expect and why it’s important.
Baby sleeping in hospital bed with tubes holding moms hand
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A 1-year-old’s journey after severe COVID sickness
After her 17-month-old daughter got a life-threatening case of COVID, Andrea Bell is encouraging others to continue protecting those that can’t get vaccinated. 
Childbirth cost csection baby rising
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1 in 6 families in new study spent more than $5,000 to have a baby
Out-of-pocket spending for maternal and newborn hospitalizations among privately insured families can exceed $10,000 if babies require neonatal intensive care.
woman thinking of pregnancy experts in thought bubbles
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OB-GYN, family physician, midwife, doula: Which pregnancy specialist is right for you?
Three experts explain what you need to know before choosing your prenatal provider.
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5 ways to reset your relationship with screens
Increased screen time was essential for survival during the COVID pandemic. Now that the world is reopening, how can we reestablish healthy boundaries for screen time at home?