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Teen receives implantable pressure sensor to warn of worsening heart failure
Doctors implant paperclip-sized diagnostic device in the first pediatric patient in Michigan to allow close monitoring from afar, reduce risk of re-hospitalizations.
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Keeping Kids & Teens Safe Around Fireworks
Firework safety isn't just for the Fourth of July. A recent poll on children's health showed that 1 in 5 parents would allow kids to help set off fireworks, and some don’t consistently enforce sparkler safety rules, or keep a safe distance. Listen to today's episode for tips to stay safe around fireworks and sparklers.
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More than half of hospital-based maternal deaths occur at times other than childbirth
Study suggests hospital-based maternal deaths are occurring earlier in pregnancy or postpartum – while maternal deaths occurring at the time of delivery are declining in the U.S.
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Parents worry school traffic is a danger for kids
Speeding and distracted drivers top list of concerns; some say those who don’t follow rules should face consequences.
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New hope for patients with rare epilepsy
Thousands of children face seizures, developmental delays, and possible death from Dravet Syndrome. A new treatment built on Michigan Medicine research could help.
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Does your child have anxiety?
Experts explain when to worry and how to talk about it with your kids.
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Michigan Answers
Bentley’s Michigan Answer: Life-saving care. Life-changing outcomes.
Marguerita Booth had never heard of a child being born with their organs on the outside of their body. And yet as she laid in the darkened room of her first ultrasound of her first pregnancy, she was suddenly introduced to a condition that surprisingly affects 1 in every 3600 babies.
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Hospital collaboration reduces cardiac arrests among critically ill pediatric heart patients
Simple ‘practice bundle’ helped achieve 30% reduction across 15 hospitals.
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Children’s mental health is in crisis
Here are 7 things you can do right now to help.
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Comparing treatment approaches for babies with heart disease
Novel trial compares outcomes between a catheter-based stent and surgical shunt for children with insufficient blood flow between their heart and lungs.
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Patient turned medical student 17 years after lifesaving surgery
A life-threatening GI diagnosis at age 5 and compassionate care throughout childhood inspired Blake Hardin to pursue medicine.
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Reducing stroke risk in children with severe heart failure
Hospitals across the country are teaming up to improve outcomes in kids who need mechanical heart pumps for congenital heart disease or heart failure.
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COVID vaccine for kids under 5: What to know
 Pediatric infectious disease expert shares insights on vaccine development for babies and younger kids, advice for parents.
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Design tricks commonly used to monetize young children’s app use
Preschool-aged children, especially those from low-income homes, often exposed to sneaky ads and other tactics aiming to profit from their game playing.
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Children in remote school faced more sleep, behavior and social challenges
Researchers compare experiences between Michigan families whose children were in-person, remote or hybrid school a year after the pandemic began.