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Social media: Top setting tips to promote positive boundaries, mental health for young people
Experts share tech savvy ways to better manage and control social media use on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for youth, teens and kids.
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Reducing liver disease in children who undergo complex heart surgery
Trial focuses on whether drug udenafil can help prevent chronic liver problems in kids who require a Fontan procedure for congenital heart disease.
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RSV: What parents should know
How you can prevent infection and look for more serious symptoms of RSV.
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How deep brain stimulation helped a 10-year-old from having multiple seizures a day
DBS treatment has more commonly been used in adults with epilepsy but is now helping children like Rylan improve their quality of life. 
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Including the patient voice when addressing racial disparities in maternal health
To address persistent racial disparities and inequities in maternal health in Black and low-income communities, centering the patient voice is key.
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Children commonly face new, worsening health problems months after critical illness from sepsis
1 in 5 children in national study cohort developed new or progressive medical conditions within six months of leaving the ICU for sepsis care.
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A way to measure brain blood flow in pre-term babies at the bedside
The ultrasound technique is noninvasive and captures flow in 3D.
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Emergency Preparedness for Families with Children with Special Needs
Regional hospitals offer communities tools to improve disaster preparation for children, particularly those with health needs and disabilities.
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NFL star makes 5-year-old leukemia patient’s day with dedication video
Hudson Gazsi was diagnosed with leukemia at age 5. To lift Hudson’s spirits, Detroit Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson sent him a personalized video.
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Living with sickle cell: From isolation to pursuing medical school, advocacy
Medical student shares journey with painful disease disproportionately affecting African Americans and why she wants to help others.
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Surgery for rare brain malformation detected in utero leads to uniquely talented tween
A newborn baby who underwent complex brain procedures grows to be a healthy young boy with a “heart of gold."
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New Crohn’s disease score improves monitoring among adults and kids
A new bowel scoring tool to evaluate Crohn’s disease is reliable, easy to use, and ready for clinicians to put into practice, according to study.
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Fighting negative body image issues in kids and teens
2 in 3 parents say their child is self-conscious about their appearance. 5 ways to nurture positive self-image and confidence in young people.
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This Flu Season Could be Rough, Especially on Kids
Vaccination is especially important for vulnerable groups.
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Comparing life-threatening flu and COVID-19 illness in kids
A new study compares data on severe illness and mortality in pediatric patients due to flu and COVID-19.