Live Chat: Getting Closer to "Normal" During COVID-19

Coronavirus is far from gone, but states are reopening – here’s how to reduce your risk of COVID-19 while reengaging with summer activities.

3:09 PM

Author | Kara Gavin

As summer kicks into high gear, states have relaxed some or all of the restrictions put in place to slow the spread of coronavirus. But the pandemic hasn't ended – and the risk of COVID-19 looms over the sunny landscape.

Preeti Malani, M.D., has thought a lot about how to navigate this "new normal" of re-engaging in public life while staying safe. She's the Chief Health Officer of the University of Michigan, advising leaders on the operation of one of the world's largest research universities, as well as taking care of patients as an infectious disease physician at Michigan Medicine. She's also offered advice to fellow healthcare professionals as an associate editor of the medical journal JAMA.

How can individuals, businesses and institutions balance between safety and work, school, shopping and leisure activities? What steps are still necessary to protect oneself and others? What activities are probably still too risky, at least for some people? 

Malani will answer questions like these doing a live video chat via Michigan Medicine's social media platforms. She'll take selected questions from the audience, via the comments on the health system's Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels, at noon ET today, June 5. The chat will also be available as a recording later.

This chat is one of a series of live discussions and other videos about COVID-related topics offered by Michigan Medicine since March. (Note: Information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 prevention and care has evolved rapidly, as have state and federal guidelines; please keep this in mind when viewing videos from March.)

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