For better wellness in the new year, 10 articles to read

Take advice from experts in 2021 on how to stay healthy well into 2022.

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Author | Johanna Younghans

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With every new year comes the saying 'out with the old, and in with the new,' except not when it applies to tips from experts on your health.

Here, the Michigan Health blog takes a look back at 10 pieces from 2021 that were centered on wellness — with guidance from Michigan Medicine experts that you can carry with you year after year.

  1. Want better sleep in the new year? Follow these six tips from a sleep specialist for quality sleep after going back to the workplace.

  2. A pulmonologist discusses how to take care of your lungs during the pandemic and beyond.

  3. Spending time in nature may improve the physical and mental health of kids and teenagers alike, a report from investigators found.

  4. How to handle an Achilles injury (because doctors report cases are skyrocketing.)

  5. Clinicians say to stop procrastinating on these key health checks immediately (with the new year not being a bad time to check-in where you stand.)

  6. Cholesterol explained: The good, the bad and how to best care for your heart health, according to a cardiology and lipidology specialist.

  7. Reasons to improve your core strength, and why researchers say not to neglect your neck muscles.

  8. How to help kids and teens after the trauma of a school shooting.

  9. Ways to teach children gratitude (with a few helpful tips to keep for yourself.)

  10. Five ways to reset your relationship with technology and screens.

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