Valerie Goodwin

Goodwin covers communications for rheumatology, orthopedic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and radiology. She assists with communications for C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital. She is passionate about making medical research and storytelling accessible to help keep patients informed about what is happening in healthcare. Goodwin graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Public Relations in 2022. Contact: [email protected]

Valerie Goodwin
MRI scan drawing
Health Lab
Whole-body MRIs aren't as beneficial as they seem
While it's tempting to know what's going on inside your entire body, a clinical perspective piece, written by a radiologist at the University of Michigan, discusses some of the harms of imaging low risk patients, such as overdiagnosis, overtreatment and their related complications
girl doing ballet and then graduating at michigan right
Health Lab
When the patient becomes the student
Lauren’s journey as a physical therapy patient guided her to her career path
Health Lab
Impacts of the removal of race-correction in lung pulmonary function tests on lung surgery
A recent study led by Sidra Bonner, M.D., M.P.H, M.S. a surgery resident at the University of Michigan Health, has now provided new information about the clinical impact of race-correction in pulmonary function tests for African American patients with lung cancer undergoing surgical evaluation.
Blurry Operating Room
Health Lab
High levels of satisfaction, and low levels of regret, after gender affirming mastectomy
Recent research from the University of Michigan finds that in addition to changing lives, most patients are highly satisfied with their decision to undergo surgery long-term.
Mott doctor getting handprints during Hope on Wheels event 2023
News Release
Little Victors celebrate Mott receiving $250K award from Hyundai for pediatric cancer research
Nonprofit Hyundai Hope On Wheels presented the University of Michigan Health C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital a $250,000 award in support of pediatric cancer research.
Health Lab
Targeting TAK1 protein to treat systemic sclerosis
Researchers at the University of Michigan Health System have identified a protein that may be a new target for treatment of systemic sclerosis.
older man on ground reading with child and card written out on right
Health Lab
Stem cell transplant helps treat scleroderma
A stem cell transplant at Michigan Medicine helps treat one patient with scleroderma and now they're sharing their experience with others.
teen girl holding rib cage model
Health Lab
3D metallic rib implants from Spain give teenage cancer patient a second chance
A pediatric cancer patient received new 3D metallic ribs from Spain to help treat and manage her disease.
Team Smiling Suits Polish Hospital
Health Lab
Plastic surgeons help Ukrainian children in Poland
Many need medical attention after experiencing burns from unsafe living conditions during the ongoing conflict with Russia
man on top of mountain
Health Lab
Hiking Patagonia after spine surgery
Despite undergoing a spinal laminectomy surgery, a 73-year-old individual successfully completed a trip to Patagonia just three months later. Read about their inspiring journey and the exceptional care they received at University of Michigan Health.
bone yellow blue
Health Lab
Excess physical activity can cause strain in young feet
New research from Michigan Medicine shows that excessive physical activity during summer sports can lead to weakened tendons and bones in children. It is crucial to balance activity with rest to prevent injury.
hospital bed blue yellow
Health Lab
Bypassing contrast in patients with kidney disease and contrast allergies may lead to less accurate scans
Research from the University of Michigan now confirms this: a study found choosing to withhold IV contrast from certain types of abdominal CT scans can decrease the accuracy of the scan by about 30%.
Health Lab
Modified Minerva Orthosis proven helpful in pediatric patients following airway surgery
The University of Michigan Health System received an order for a cervical orthosis, or neck brace, which resulted in a modified version still being used today, changing recovery for the better.
little girl sitting in gym with orange shirt and orange converses
Health Lab
A rare neuromuscular disorder diagnosis brings long awaited answers for teen
For one teen, a rare neuromuscular disorder diagnosis brings long awaited answers.
prescription pad yellow blue
Health Lab
Cerebral palsy patients at higher risk of receiving opioid prescriptions
Cerebral palsy patients at higher risk of being prescribed opioids for pain, even though Michigan Medicine researchers find them to not be effective for their unique pain issues.