Tessa Roy

Roy handles communications for several departments across Michigan Medicine, including Kellogg Eye Center, nephrology, Survival Flight/emergency medicine, diabetes/endocrinology, allergy/dermatology, and women’s and children’s. She was previously a journalist and a state government staffer in Rhode Island and Michigan. Contact: [email protected]; Twitter: @Tessa_Roy

Tessa Roy
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Cataract surgery reimbursements may not be enough for some patients
For complex cataract surgery, Medicare reimbursements are far lower than a simpler form of the surgery.
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The new insulin price cap: What you need to know
Diabetes care is becoming more affordable for millions of Americans, as insulin manufacturer Eli Lilly caps insulin prices at $35 and other pharmaceutical companies follow suit. A U-M endocrinologist weighs in.
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Research sheds light on protections against COVID-19 variant infections
Research sheds light on protections against COVID-19 variant infections, that having both a vaccination and a previous infection helps provide immunity against some COVID-19 variants.
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Health Lab
See clearly with these tips for safely using eye drops
What should you consider when choosing the best kind of artificial tears for your eyes?
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Beezin’:The dangerous TikTok trend involving Burt’s Bees
Why putting lip balm on eyelids is bad for your eyes
Skull blue pills crossbones fentanyl overdose
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Fentanyl overdoses are on the rise. Here’s what to know and how you can help
Community awareness is critical to preventing overdoses
Doctor handing patient a prescription
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Got questions about weight-loss drugs? These experts have answers
Courtney Weirauch didn’t know what lymphangioleiomyomatosis was – but she quickly learned about the rare lung condition and how it would impact her life.
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Many older adults lack clear eyesight, even with glasses
Vision impairment disproportionately impacts older adults
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Health Lab
Research with a purpose
Alyssa Dreffs, originally a patient, is now a researcher with personal motivation behind her work.
Three hands with two medical bands having the words penicillin allergy disappearing.
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Are you still allergic to penicillin?
A new program is finding many diagnosed in childhood with antibiotic allergies are no longer allergic after retesting
depiction of a woman top and bottom and uterus in middle and red all over and crying sad
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Is it PMS or premenstrual dysphoric disorder?
For some women, it’s more than just premenstrual symptoms. 
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RSV: What parents should know
How you can prevent infection and look for more serious symptoms of RSV.