Tara Roberts

Guest author.

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Cartoon-like image of a kid sitting on the floor holding a giant tablet or cell phone
Medicine at Michigan
How do kids understand digital privacy?
A cognitive developmental psychologist explains how kids think about the ways online companies track them.
Cartoon-like illustration of worried parents looking at a teen who is accessing apps on her cell phone. App logos float in the air around them.
Medicine at Michigan
We've been asking the wrong questions about kids and screen time
A researcher at Michigan Medicine is asking different questions and finding fresh answers that put less pressure on parents and more on the tech industry.
A group of 6 Medical School alumni wearing University of Michigan gear, pose together.
Medicine at Michigan
Starting medical education on day one of undergrad
Inteflex, a bygone program at the University of Michigan Medical School, blended undergraduate and medical studies, granting first-year students admission to the Medical School.
boy holding book
Health Lab
New hope for patients with rare epilepsy
Thousands of children face seizures, developmental delays, and possible death from Dravet Syndrome. A new treatment built on Michigan Medicine research could help.
Medicine at Michigan
New Hope for Patients with Rare Epilepsy
Basic science research at Michigan Medicine has led to a new drug trial