Shelley Zalewski

Independent communications professional Shelley Zalewski brings more than 25 years of experience to her assignments for the U-M Health System. A former director of marketing communications for the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center, Shelley develops multimedia content used in patient education, physician-targeted communications, institutional advancement and branding. Recent assignments include clinical and research content related to cancer, neurosciences, cardiovascular medicine and mental health, as well as policy messages on behalf of the U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation.
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girl stretching neck while sitting
Health Lab
3 reasons to improve your core strength
Research confirms that strengthening the body’s core can help prevent injuries or reducing their severity. New research from Michigan Medicine is exploring whether the same may be true for strengthening the neck to protect against head injuries.
Organ chronic disease hiv tranplant donation
Health Lab
Weighing the risks and benefits of organs donated for transplant
Although numerous safeguards are in place, there is a small chance that a potential organ donor can have an undetected infection such as Hepatitis B, C or HIV, and pass that infection on to a transplant recipient.
dad and daughter in hospital room in hospital beds and on right father and daughter standing together outside with blue michigan donor shits on
Health Lab
A Daughter’s Lifesaving Gift to Her Father
The human liver can regenerate, making living donor liver transplants possible. Michigan Medicine’s Transplant Center is one of only a few in the country offering this option.
Provider doing leg stretching exercises on athlete
Health Lab
Changing the Sports Medicine Game for Female Athletes
MedSport female providers tailor sports injury care to their female patients, and educate athletes, parents and colleagues in sports medicine.
woman standing side profile in black shirt in front of white wall
Health Lab
A Trusting Relationship with Her Provider – and Zumba – Help One Woman Get Past Metastatic Colon Cancer
From early stage colon cancer to advanced metastatic disease, Jennifer Watson’s cancer journey illustrates the importance of advocating for your health and partnering with a care team you trust.
Soccer ball with cleats and mask near green field
Health Lab
Kids, Sports and COVID-19: 5 Steps for Parents to Follow
Key guidance on enrolling in sports during the pandemic and how to handle returning after a COVID-19 diagnosis.
two females on the field at michigan big house
Health Lab
All in a Day’s Work
MedSport Athletic Trainers on the field means early mobilization of health care resources for injured athletes.
two runners standing next to each other on street in running gear
Health Lab
Pancreatic Cancer Survivor’s Advice: Don’t Give Up On Finding Answers
Unexplained abdominal symptoms sidelined an otherwise healthy, active life. After countless failed attempts to find the cause, a chance introduction opened the door to answers and recovery.
Women on couch with wrist hurting
Health Lab
Keeping a Life-Limiting Side Effect from Threatening a Life-Saving Breast Cancer Treatment
For patients undergoing aromatase inhibitor treatment for breast cancer, muscle and joint pain can be a significant side effect. These tips may help manage AI treatment-related pain.
person doing self breast exam over white shirt
Health Lab
Should You Do Self Breast Exams?
Once considered vital for early breast cancer detection, the breast self-examination is now optional for most women. A breast cancer expert explains what’s changed.
Elderly man working out at home
Health Lab
Staying in Motion While Staying Put
New video tutorials from Michigan Medicine’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program help patients with physical therapy and rehab from home.
Health Lab
From the NFL Draft to Setting Broken Bones: the Doctor Is Still In
COVID-19 has necessitated advances in telehealth in all sectors, and now that includes sports medicine and the 2020 National Football League (NFL) draft.
Photos of woman at the doctor's office and a swim meet
Health Lab
Waiting to Dive Back In
Beating cancer and recovering from a leg amputation imposed its own form of isolation on Kara Wolter, but now, ready to get back to her lifelong love of swimming, the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed new restrictions.
Little girl in swimming pool
Health Lab
Fetal Intervention Saves Ryleigh’s Heart
After a fetal diagnosis of hypoplastic left heart syndrome with restrictive or intact atrial septum (HLHS-IAS), surgery in utero saved Ryleigh Ostrander’s heart.
Cancer distress image
Health Lab
Cancer-Related Distress: Don’t Just Take It. Talk About It.
Cancer can bring with it a mix of emotional, physical, spiritual and practical concerns. Get tips and tools to help you identify, monitor and address distress as part of cancer treatment.
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