Rene Wisely

Rene Wisely is a contributing writer to Michigan Health and the A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute at the University of Michigan. She has written for a variety of publications and Fortune 500 companies in several industries, including health care, higher education, automotive, retail and technology. Previously, she was a business reporter at The Detroit News and assistant editor at Crain Communications’ Detroit Monthly magazine.
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pink blue orange coloring woman looking at toilet, a calendar, a woman drinking purple drink, pink pills
Health Lab
Do your UTIs keep returning?
A Michigan Medicine urogynecologist discusses what urinary tract infections are, how they are treated and what new research is on the horizon.
gynecology hand with swab
Health Lab
7 things you need to know about Pap smears
Learn more about Pap smears and HPV testing, thanks to doctors at Michigan Medicine.
Pregnant woman getting teeth clean with tools by dentist
Health Lab
7 things to know about dental care during your pregnancy
A Michigan Medicine OB-GYN explains seven things you should know about dental care during pregnancy.
Types hysterectomy uterus women pink
Health Lab
Is a hysterectomy right for you?
It’s a major surgery, but can make a huge difference in a woman’s quality of life
Man kneeling, wearing a doctor's white coat. His right leg has a prosthetic.
Medicine at Michigan
A Paralympian medical student feels grateful for unexpected gifts
How cancer and a scholarship changed the course of Sam Grewe’s life
Women with purple hair looking at image of uterus
Health Lab
Endometriosis: 9 facts to know about the puzzling disease
Despite symptoms, the diagnosis often comes painfully late.
underwear girl woman tampon pink purple white
Health Lab
What is period underwear?
Pads, tampons and menstrual cups aren’t alone anymore. Period underwear has become not only mainstream, but a favorite among people who menstruate. An expert answers five common questions about this popular menstrual product.
ovaries and fallopian pink red and yellow background
Health Lab
7 things to know about polycystic ovary syndrome
Polycystic ovary syndrome – or PCOS – is a lifelong condition that may lead to long-term health risks including infertility. Yet, many people don’t know about it until they’re diagnosed.
zoom call computer women smiling
Health Lab
How a support group for Black mothers is changing lives for the better
Our Village offers many women a safe space to share their motherhood journeys.
artistically drawn woman drawn and floating in background in purples in red sweating and feeling different symptoms
Health Lab
Dealing with perimenopause? 7 things to know
Perimenopause is like puberty in reverse; easy for some and difficult for others. But why the difference? A reproductive endocrinologist explains.
woman thinking of pregnancy experts in thought bubbles
Health Lab
OB-GYN, family physician, midwife, doula: Which pregnancy specialist is right for you?
Three experts explain what you need to know before choosing your prenatal provider.
woman sitting on toilet
Health Lab
Splinting is the Latest Trend to Help Eliminate Constipation
TikTok helped vaginal splinting go viral. A doctors explains how this simple constipation relief method works, and when you may need to see a doctor.
baby on law with red yellow and blue balloons in background
Health Lab
Rivals Unite to Save Premature Baby with Recurrent Intestinal Perforation
A unique partnership helped one East Lansing family when their newborn needed multiple surgeries to save his life.
black background baby in red placenta with red spot at top signaling something is wrong
Health Lab
5 Placenta Issues Every Woman Should Know
Problems with her placenta inspired physician Courtney Townsel to specialize in helping others understand the high risk pregnancy conditions that impact this vital organ.
Woman standing in front of classic car
Health Lab
Getting Injured, and Getting Care, During a Pandemic
Tripping on an uneven sidewalk did more than hurt Sharon Kinnunen’s knee. It brought worry as she feared seeking care at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak
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