Rebecca Priest
Director, Marketing

Priest is Michigan Medicine's Department of Communication's Marketing Director. She has extensive experience in health care communications and is a mom to two children. 

Photo of Rebecca Priest
Women with kleenex wiping tear from fall allergies
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Finding Relief from Seasonal Allergies
If you suffer from seasonal allergies, learning how to relieve your seasonal allergy symptoms could make all the difference as the seasons change.
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5 Things Adults Born with Heart Defects Need to Know
Adults with congenital heart disease should read these five things to know about adult congenital heart defects and ongoing congenital heart care.
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Breaking Down Barriers in the Fight Against Congenital Heart Disease
Doctors at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital create the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium for congenital heart research.
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Helping Babies Thrive After Heart Surgery
Better outcomes for infants with congenital heart disease mean U-M practitioners can now focus on early intervention to prevent developmental delays.
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What Parents Need to Know About 'Peter Rabbit' and Food Allergies
Food allergy advocates and physicians explain the outrage over the food allergy scene in Peter Rabbit, and the damaging effects caused by food allergy humor in media.
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Through ‘Wonder,’ Kids Learn About Craniofacial Differences (and Kindness)
As the movie about a child with a craniofacial difference debuts, Mott experts highlight lessons from the story all parents should know.
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Surviving Daylight Saving Time’s End with Kids
Knowing it’s time to “fall back” can set parents into a panic. A pediatric sleep expert offers tips for surviving and thriving the annual adjustment.
Image of haunted houses and trick or treaters outside
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More Merry than Scary: 11 Halloween Safety Tips for Parents
Save hocus pocus for the small screen, and plan a safe and happy Halloween for the whole family with these guidelines.
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Beating Childhood Cancer Shaped Mott Employee’s Career Path
A familiar face around the hospital, one Mott staffer’s experience with cancer as a teen helped influence the man he would become.
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How Parents and Kids Can Get the Most Out of Story Time
Reading to your child has many developmental benefits. Get five tips for maximizing story time with your child from a pediatrician at Michigan Medicine
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DIPG Disruptors: 6 New Brain Tumor Research Efforts Underway
How a new research initiative is empowering U-M physician-scientists to fight DIPG, one of the deadliest brain cancers, in innovative ways.
Health Lab
A Day in the Life of Mott Children’s NICU Nurses
Nurses are the beating heart of any hospital. In the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, which houses the youngest and tiniest patients, the job becomes even more crucial.
Health Lab
How Medical Teams Can Support Parents Facing Tough Choices on Fetal Care
In light of advancing fetal diagnostic capabilities, a team of U-M physicians is working to improve the decision-making process for families facing complex decisions about their unborn child’s care.
hands fingers touching pink hearts pink background
Health Lab
5 Strategies to Stop Infertility from Stressing Your Relationship
Explore these tips for managing the stress that comes with infertility from Lindsay Brennan, LMSW, CST, a clinical social worker with the Michigan Medicine Center for Reproductive Medicine.
Health Lab
A ‘Hard Decision’ of Surgery Brings Relief from Severe Epilepsy
Learn how severe pediatric epilepsy led one family to a hemispherectomy — a complex and specialized surgery and why, within days of the procedure, their lives were transformed.