Rachel Zeichman
Brand Manager

Zeichman is the brand manager for University of Michigan Health C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. She has extensive experience in communications and is mom to two children. Contact: zeichman@med.umich.edu

Rachel Zeichman
Doctor smiling by bed near baby with tubes
Health Lab
A reflection on congenital heart disease care, and where it’s headed
A renowned expert in the field for 40 years discusses the surgical advancements the changed the trajectory of hypoplastic left heart syndrome.
child in yellow shirt sitting looking down on arm with blue mask on and nurse with globes putting band-aid on
Health Lab
5 ways to prepare your child for the COVID vaccine
Now that kids are eligible to get the COVID vaccine, it’s important to prepare them for what comes next, and to help manage fear of needles. Use these five expert tips to get your child ready to get their shot.
pumpkin halloween mask candy child
Health Lab
Is it safe to trick-or-treat this Halloween?
Is it safe to trick-or-treat this year? A pediatrician shares her top three tips for a COVID-safe Halloween in 2021.
athlete boy in white shirt and red shorts on red track goggles medal
Health Lab
4 Olympic-themed activities for kids to try
Get ready to cheer for red, white and blue with these child-friendly games and crafts.
Nurse with children at patient mother clinic
Health Lab
What is a Child Life Specialist?
From medical play to gaming, child life specialists offer different ways to ease stress and anxiety in kids during medical visits.
Halloween trick or treat COVID
Health Lab
5 Ways to Have a Safe Halloween During COVID-19
Halloween 2020 isn’t cancelled, but it is going to look a little different this year due to coronavirus. Follow these five tips for a safer Halloween during COVID-19.
Health Lab
Thrive With Your Family: Returning to “Normal”
Experts discuss feeling comfortable resuming everyday activities, dealing with lasting effects of social isolation and making the best out of future school plans.
Health Lab
Thrive With Your Family: Coping With Loss and Grief
Experts discuss honoring loved ones lost to COVID-19 and the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on communities of color.
Health Lab
Thrive With Your Family: Having a Baby During a Pandemic
How to cope with anxiety and depression during pregnancy, concerns about birthing experiences and uncertainties, and support after getting home with your new baby.
Health Lab
Thrive With Your Family: Supporting Kids With Chronic Diseases During COVID-19
Children with chronic conditions may need extra support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our expert panel offers advice and tips for parents navigate these challenges.
Health Lab
Thrive With Your Family: Supporting Kids with Special Needs and Preventing Sibling Fights
Experts discuss how to help kids with autism and development delays cope with change, and provide communication tips for family conflicts.
Health Lab
Thrive With Your Family: Teens and the Pandemic
How to help teens emotionally adjust to social distancing and how to balance increased media use along with online learning and socializing. 
Health Lab
Thrive with Your Family: Parental Self-Care, COVID-19 Anxiety and Managing Screen Time
Experts talk about maintaining your well-being as a parent, helping kids manage anxiety around the coronavirus and how to handle sleep regression and electronic use.
Health Lab
Thrive with Your Family: Processing Change
Experts tackle processing change while understanding feelings, responding to new behaviors, juggling home and work and managing screen time during the coronavirus crisis.
Health Lab
Getting Kids Up in Trees, Despite Disabilities
Recreational specialists help kids with special needs and children with disabilities participate in previously challenging outdoor activities like tree climbing.
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