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employee putting hand up to eyes looking down while sitting seeming stressed
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Mental Health in the Workplace During COVID-19: How Can Employers Help?
The pandemic has caused mental health concerns to skyrocket, but businesses can be equipped with the right tools to support employees.
female testing blood sample
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Potential New Blood Test in Alzheimer’s Disease Could Advance Treatment
Experts describe a method that could be used to spot the complex brain disease.
Child opening curtain and sun shining through
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How the Timing of Light Exposure Could Be Affecting Your Health
Increased light exposure can have positive and negative effects on your health — depending on the time of day.
Female caregiver talking to an elderly woman
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Shifting from Treatment to Prevention in Alzheimer’s Research
New research in Alzheimer’s disease questions the effectiveness of existing medications, moving the focus to risk reduction and prevention.
Male on airplane with mask using phone
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Is it Safe to Travel in the Age of COVID-19?
As lockdown restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic ease up across the country, health experts discuss travel and how to make vacationing as safe as possible during COVID.