Mary Clare Fischer
Intermediate Public Relations Representative

Fischer promotes innovations in clinical care and tells patient stories on behalf of the Rogel Cancer Center while also managing external communications for Michigan Medicine’s surgery and urology departments and the Transplant Center. Before joining the university, she spent six years as a journalist. She has a passion for elevating translational research, highlighting the human element of science, and using a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion to shape her storytelling. Contact:

Mary Clare Fischer
Graphic of a surgery table with Lab Note in the upper left corner.
Health Lab
Black patients more likely to get emergency colorectal cancer surgery
Emergency surgery was linked to less thorough pre-surgical assessments and worse outcomes after surgery.
man worried looking at laptop
Health Lab
Most heart transplant centers’ websites get failing grade when it comes to clear, accessible information
Most heart transplant centers’ websites are written in language above the average American’s reading level, and more than a third have no resources for people who spoke a language other than English.
vein dna moving yellow blue red
Health Lab
Liquid biopsies could predict survival odds for patients with metastatic cancer
Liquid biopsies, a certain type of blood test, can be a helpful tool to guide treatment discussions for patients with metastatic cancer.
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Health Lab
Study compares adverse events after two types of bariatric surgery in adolescents
Complication and death rates were similar for both gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy when researchers compared the two weight-loss surgeries in adolescents covered by Medicaid.
charts with peoples pictures on them and ages and green checks on some and red check for one over 70 teal background
Health Lab
Bias against older organ donors may be leading to smaller organ supply for transplants
Left-digit bias, a type of unconscious bias often linked to ageism, is linked to fewer organs selected from donors 70 years old or older, compared to those who are 69 or younger.
vacant hospital room bed
Health Lab
Hospital room features may affect recovery after surgery
The design of a hospital room could affect recovery after high-risk surgeries.
two women looking at eachother red shirt blue patient covering
Health Lab
Chronic health conditions associated with worse survival rates for patients with metastatic breast cancer
Black women are at the highest risk of death.
woman in forest looking with binoculars
Health Lab
How a clinical trial expanded options for a patient with a rare cancer
A rare bile duct cancer was difficult to treat once it spread to the lining of Lori Robertson’s abdomen. A clinical trial, led by University of Michigan Health, gave her some other options.
football player close up on left and child in hospital bed on right
Health Lab
NFL star makes 5-year-old leukemia patient’s day with dedication video
Hudson Gazsi was diagnosed with leukemia at age 5. To lift Hudson’s spirits, Detroit Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson sent him a personalized video.
man taking photo with camera at camera
Health Lab
The ups and downs of stage 4 cancer
Scott Ward’s been through it all: hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, genetic sequencing, group therapy and more. Now, he’s channeling the roller coaster of his cancer treatment into art.
News Release
Donate blood to save a life during the 40th year of the Be a Hero blood drive
On Sunday, Oct. 9, Be a Hero will once again take over the Jack Roth Stadium Club at the Big House for the largest single-day blood drive on the University of Michigan’s campus
doctor and patient talking graphic
Health Lab
Coaching patients to advocate for themselves can offset the effects of doctors’ racial bias
If patients are trained to advocate for themselves and voice their opinions and concerns, they can mitigate the effects of providers’ implicit biases.
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Health Lab
Disparities in accessing care could worsen if audio visits aren’t available as a telehealth option
Audio-only appointments represented almost half of telehealth visits in the study.
Smiling family outdoors on patio smiling
Health Lab
One mother’s journey with melanoma
Leah Koskinen shares her experience of being a new mom while managing the stresses of diagnosis, treatment and recovery from skin cancer.
Health Lab
What the pelvic floor can tell health care providers about how to treat chronic pelvic pain
Patients with less tender pelvic floor muscles might benefit more from physical therapy while those with widespread pelvic floor pain may need systemic treatments as well to address their pain.
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