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Medicine at Michigan
$11.5 million fuels innovation in sight-saving research
James Grosfeld has given $11.5 million to Michigan Medicine for research related to dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
Illustration of a large hand helping a researcher cross a chasm
Medicine at Michigan
Turning "a-ha" moments into big breakthroughs
The period between laboratory success and commercialization is often called "the valley of death." At Michigan Medicine, many organizations exist to help get physicians' and researchers' brilliant ideas across the chasm.
Medicine at Michigan
$7.6 Million Gift Launches New Lung Cancer Research Initiative
Researchers will work to find alternative treatments for non-small cell lung cancers that have become resistant to standard treatment
Medicine at Michigan
A Visionary Legacy
Paul and Carolyn Lichter make generous plans for the future.
Medicine at Michigan
$2 Million for Front-Line Health Care Workers
Generous donations support COVID-19 philanthropy
Medicine at Michigan
Taking on a Pandemic
U-M researchers are in high gear
Medicine at Michigan
Philanthropic Vision
Supporting research to advance treatment and prevention of the world's second-leading cause of blindness