Lauren Marcy

Lauren Marcy is a freelance writer. She is a former social media coordinator for Michigan Medicine.
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Signs Your Child’s Snoring Should Be Taken Seriously
Is it normal for kids to snore? When should you be concerned? Get tips for spotting sleep issues and learn about a nationwide study on snoring in children.
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Preventing Teen Suicide: When to Remove Firearms from Your Home
Suicide is the second leading cause of death for 14 to 24 year olds. Learn how to prevent teen suicide by reducing your teen's access to guns in your home.
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Hosting Guests with Food Allergies: 6 Tips for a Safer Meal
Precautions are crucial — even lifesaving — when feeding guests with dietary restrictions. These simple strategies can help avoid issues at the dinner table.
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Going the Distance to Save Amelia’s Life
Long-distance trips to treat their daughter’s congenital heart defect stretched the Lahti family — until Save A Heart stepped in.
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Keeping Kids Safe from Gun Accidents: 6 Strategies for Families
Firearms-related injuries are the second-leading cause of death among children — and they’re largely preventable. A researcher offers tips to prevent tragedy at home.
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Impaired Vision? Create a Fall Prevention Plan with These Tips
Low vision can instill a fear of falling, which keeps many older adults homebound. A U-M occupational therapist outlines guidelines for getting around safely.
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Students Promote Lifesaving Power of Organ and Tissue Donation
In advance of a yearly registration event, two U-M students — a bone marrow recipient and the daughter of a heart transplant patient — work to increase donor awareness.