Laura Bailey

Senior public relations representative at the University of Michigan.

painting of elderly sad patients
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Depression among those caring for partners with dementia can start a decade before dementia diagnosis
A study finds depressive symptoms and caregiving among older adults caring for partners with dementia can emerge 10 years before routine screening detects cognitive impairment.
Map color coded with blues, yellow and green, color scale
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More adults are falling every year, despite prevention efforts
Despite prevention efforts, falls increase annually, with wide variations in incidence based on geography, research finds.
woman standing sad in black and white pregnant and covid cells floating around
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A third of new moms had postpartum depression during early COVID
Postpartum depression and anxiety have increased in the time of COVID. New studies show the care gaps and surprising silver linings that emerged for people who gave birth during the early days of the pandemic.
health care worker leaning over to talk to pregnant women in mask sitting
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Maternity health care workers expressed anguish, questioned roles early in pandemic
An analysis found nurses, physicians and midwives alike held complex emotions about how COVID-19 has impacted their work. 
boy shot at doctors office with practitioner
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COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5: What happens next?
An expert answers questions as the FDA considers authorizing a COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5.
woman crying with glasses next to bed with white blanket
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Previous trauma can impact expectant mothers during pregnancy and beyond
New research uses theories of post-traumatic stress disorder to help educate practitioners on how to address trauma experienced by their patients.
graphic of a yellow screw instead of a blue outlined tooth in an xray
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AI helps predict treatment outcomes for patients with diseased dental implants
The algorithm FARDEEP offers a personalized approach to identify patients who better respond to regenerative therapies.
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Black COVID patients: Less medical follow-up, longer return-to-work delays, more hospital readmissions
The study found this patient population had the least amount of follow-up from their providers and the longest delays in returning to their job.
Woman looking out window smoking electric cigarette
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Vaping Marijuana Associated with More Symptoms of Lung Damage than Vaping or Smoking Nicotine
Research says vaping cannabis may cause worse respiratory issues than e-cigarettes or smoking cigarettes or marijuana alone.
dental xray with red spot noting infection
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Ouch: Patients Prescribed Opioids After Tooth Extraction Report Worse Pain
Dental patients who receive opioids after getting a tooth pulled have no less pain, and no more patient satisfaction, than those who receive non-opioid painkillers.