Landon Hudson

Landon Hudson is a summer communications intern in the Department of Psychiatry. Hudson is a rising junior at U-M, where she is studying communications and psychology.

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Study Offers Free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Young People with Anxiety
Treating children with anxiety at the onset of symptoms can prevent substance use, school dropouts and suicide attempts. A new study seeks young participants.
Army veteran Clarizza Paz
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U-M Program Helps Women Veterans Readjust to Civilian Life
After Her Service is a national program that focuses on improving women’s mental health and professional success after they leave the military.
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How to Address a Drinking Problem
It can be tough to determine if a person’s consumption is unhealthy — and even harder to get him or her to talk about it. Why having the conversation is crucial.
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Why Do People With Addiction Relapse?
Learn the biological causes of substance abuse, including why people relapse, and find information on treating addiction from the addiction specialists at U-M.
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How Anxiety Can Fuel a Panic Attack — and What to Do Next
Get information on the different types of anxiety, learn the symptoms of panic attacks, including how anxiety can trigger panic, and get tips for stopping a panic attack.
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Warning Signs of Eating Disorders and Proven Treatments to Help
Get information on eating disorders, including the difference between anorexia and bulimia, warning signs of eating disorders, and information on treatment from Michigan Medicine.