Kylie Urban
Senior Public Relations Representative

Urban was a previous Health Lab contributor and member of the public relations team.

Health Lab
Coworker turned friend turned surrogate
A Michigan Medicine nursing coworker becomes her new friend, and colleagues, surrogate.
young man hugging woman in window
Health Lab
‘It’s being part of a group no one wants to be a part of’
The path to recovery after experiencing every parents’ worst nightmare: stillbirth.
man hatting tennis ball
Health Lab
His shortness of breath signaled a deeper, underlying issue
A rare autoimmune disease, myositis, caused one man to need a double lung transplant. Now that he’s recovered, he’s back to his favorite activities once again.
Gymnast performing at events in three photos
Health Lab
Balancing life and medicine
How three former gymnasts apply lessons learned to their medical careers.
lab notes general image of stethoscope drawn in blue ink on lined paper
Health Lab
Adults with Cerebral Palsy Need Better Access to Health Care
Once viewed as a pediatric condition, patients with cerebral palsy are aging, but the health care system is not prepared to offer them the care they need.
bacteria viruses drawn in blue ink on lined paper with yellow badge with words "lab note" in blue
Health Lab
Is it Safe to Perform CPR During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
A new study analyzes the potential transmission risk of airborne respiratory pathogens during bystander-initiated cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR.
survival flight patient and daughter with employee in front of yellow and blue Michigan helicopter
Health Lab
A Reunion 17 Years in the Making for Flight Nurse and Patient’s Family
An emergency department employee had a chance encounter with the Survival Flight nurse that cared for her father when she was six years old.
drawing of lungs in blue ink on lined paper
Health Lab
Finding a Personalized Approach To Treating Chronic Rejection After Lung Transplantation
By studying the roles of an inflammatory protein and antibodies in chronic rejection after lung transplantation, researchers discover possibilities for new treatments.
black ink illustration of hand holding heart
Health Lab
To Increase Organs Available for Transplantation, Reassess Organ Procurement Organizations’ Metrics
A new paper analyzes the metrics used to evaluate organ procurement organizations and proposes three complimentary metrics to reflect more accurate and equitable performance rankings.
couple holding hands at doctor's office
Health Lab
Understanding Quality of Life for Caregivers of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury
New research uses a unique survey tool to understand how caring for a person with TBI impacts the caregiver’s mental health and well-being.
stethoscope drawing in blue ink on lined paper with yellow badge in bottom corner in blue font saying lab note
Health Lab
Call for Health Care Providers to Advocate for Disability Rights During COVID-19
A recent paper highlights concerns around access to medical treatment and medical rationing decisions for people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
black and red wrist device
Health Lab
Partnership with Veterans Brings New Medical Devices to Prehospital Settings
Critical care researchers and veterans are bringing devices used to stop hemorrhage bleeds on the battlefield to civilian life.
lab notes general image of stethoscope drawn in blue ink on lined paper
Health Lab
Physicians Less Likely to Vote in General Elections
A new study finds physicians and other health care professionals have different voting behaviors than other professions and the general public.
doctors shaking hand of patient in waiting room
Health Lab
Teaching Medical Students How to Care for People with Disabilities
A recent paper found more than three-quarters of first-year medical students were more comfortable approaching patients with disabilities in clinical settings after completing an educational session.
News Release
Give blood, save a life during University of Michigan donor event
Donate blood during the largest blood drive on the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus hosted by Wolverines for Life
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