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Kevin Joy was a previous Health Lab contributor.

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How to protect your eyes during the total solar eclipse
A Michigan Medicine ophthalmologist and retinal surgeon shares advice for viewing the total solar eclipse safely, including what to look for in eye protection.
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‘Michigan Promise’ Aims to Diversify, Strengthen Surgical Field
Michigan Medicine launches Michigan Promise, a transformative long-term effort to reshape the culture of hiring, mentoring and advancement of early-career surgeons.
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“I’ll Help Figure It Out”: 8 Tips for Fathers of Special Needs Children
A Detroit father offers advice for coping with uncertainty, balancing marriage and family, and making the most of small moments.
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Legalized Cannabis Brings New Challenges for Health Care Providers
Marijuana’s growing availability and public acceptance has brought unintended consequence for users. More patients presenting in the emergency department with physical or psychological symptoms tied to acute marijuana intoxication.
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Gap Years Before Med School: How 4 Michigan Students Did It
Not everyone decides to be a doctor as an undergraduate. More students are considering gap years before med school. Nontraditional U-M medical students offer advice for making the transition later in life.
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3D-Printed Nasal Airways Help Medically Complex Young Patients Avoid Surgery
The simple act of breathing is crucial for growth and wellness. Here’s how custom, 3D-printed technology from Michigan Medicine helps patients thrive.
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High Blood Pressure May Lead to More Diabetic Eye Injections
A review of patient data finds a potential link to costly diabetic eye treatments. It also underscores the need for collaborative care.
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Strength in Numbers: Why Organ Donation Matters [Infographic]
The simple act of becoming an organ donor has major benefits. See how far your gift can go — and why more donors are desperately needed.
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7 Safety Tips for Riding Uber and Lyft
A national poll finds parents have concerns about younger passengers using the popular apps. Here’s how to use ride-share services safely.
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A $34,000 Drug for Postpartum Depression Brings Praise, Price Concerns
The most common complication of postpartum can last for weeks to months. A powerful but pricey new drug could offer quick treatment for affected mothers.
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5 Things to Know About Spinal Anesthesia for Infants
Spinal anesthesia, a needle-based procedure that provides sensory and movement block without loss of consciousness, is becoming a more common alternative to general anesthesia for infants.
Graphic of woman sleeping with iPhone in her hand
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Do Sleep Trackers Work? Pros and Cons to Know
The latest gadgetry designed to analyze your sleep has limits, experts say. And the tools are meaningless when healthy nighttime habits are ignored.
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Family’s March Hoops Fundraiser Scores Points for Kellogg Eye Center
An annual pizza party has a purpose beyond basketball. It raises money for a Michigan Medicine facility that saved a young boy’s eyesight — and his life.
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3 Heart Health Risks All Men Should Know
While heart disease remains the No. 1 cause of death in both sexes, men have a greater risk of heart attack. Abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or erectile dysfunction (ED) may signal the presence of heart disease.
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8 Ways to Make Your Medical School Application Shine
Top medical schools receive thousands of applications and extend interview offers to just a fraction of the applicant pool. Use these med school application tips to ace your app and med school interviews.
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