Kelly Malcom
Lead Research Communicator

Malcom is a lead research communicator for Michigan Medicine and research communications strategist for the U-M Medical School, with more than 20 years of experience in strategic communications, marketing, and health and science writing. She covers the basic science departments, pulmonary and critical care medicine, infectious disease, pathology and anesthesiology. Contact: [email protected]

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kid holding stomach with stripped shirt green blue white
Health Lab
Avoiding norovirus, the incredibly contagious stomach flu
The stomach virus, suppressed during the pandemic, rears its ugly head.
Women in science collage
Health Lab
Female scientists explain their passion, offer advice
Early career researchers describe their professional journeys to help inspire women and girls pursue careers in science
Obese BMI Microbiome Lung Airways
Health Lab
A link between asthma, obesity and the airway microbiome
Variances in the population of microbes may be behind higher risk of asthma
Sugar cubes on pink background
Health Lab
Sugar is processed differently in the brains of obesity-prone vs. obesity-resistant rats
Molecular insights point to neuronal underpinnings of obesity
Scientists Hazmat Suits Laboratory Vials
Health Lab
Virologists call for rational discourse on gain of function research
8 U-M researchers sign commentary stressing importance of viral research
gut intestines graphic picture pink blue
Health Lab
Gut bugs control the body’s thermostat
Study reveals the microbiome’s role in regulating body temperature
marijuana leaf drawing blue lab note yellow badge upper left corner
Health Lab
Nearly 1/3 of people with chronic pain turn to cannabis
More than half of adults surveyed reported that the use of cannabis led them to decrease their pain medications.
human brain with glowing purple blue lights out of brain
Health Lab
Geometry of the brain, dimensions of the mind
Researchers identify new ways to characterize states of consciousness
eye lab note
Health Lab
Study identifies a signaling cascade behind retina regeneration in zebrafish
The findings could help inform treatments for blindness in humans.
friends adults thanksgiving dinner table
Health Lab
How to safely celebrate the holidays and avoid getting sick
This holiday season, follow these five expert-approved steps to celebrate safely and avoid getting sick.
senior woman blowing nose blanket
Health Lab
Study hints at why older people are more susceptible to the flu
Influenza is back in circulation, posing a special danger to older adults.
banana fingers going in pill bottle animated blue orange
Health Lab
Potential therapy derived from a banana protein works against SARS-CoV-2
What if COVID could be treated from a protein derived from a banana? This antiviral may not only be effective against SARS-CoV-2, but all known coronaviruses and the flu.
cancer cell nucleus virus orange pink
Health Lab
The unique way this virus sneaks into a cell’s nucleus could advance the study of cancer-causing pathogens
Some viruses, like HPV, can cause cancer. Recent investigation into a monkey virus called SV40 may help researchers understand how human oncogenic viruses work, and how to develop more effective treatments.
molecule protein microscopic blue orange
Health Lab
Mathematical model could bring us closer to effective stem cell therapies
The model could allow scientists to finally figure out the order of genetic operations inside developing cells.
liver lab notes
Health Lab
This molecule could be behind liver fibrosis
The finding opens the door for a possible treatment for many liver diseases.
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