Katie Whitney
Editor, Medicine at Michigan

Katie Whitney is editor of Medicine at Michigan. Before joining Michigan Medicine in 2019, she worked at the Ann Arbor Observer. She’s committed to local journalism, good storytelling, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

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A white woman in khaki pants and shirt crouches on a rocky outcropping overlooking a mountain range
Medicine at Michigan
Adventures in healing
A surgical oncologist has created a nonprofit, Move Beyond Surviving, to encourage breast cancer survivors to get out in nature and have outdoor adventures.
Illustration with mint green background depicting a male doctor in a white coat walking toward fantastical, oversized flowers. A shadow of a hand beckons him forward.
Medicine at Michigan
Big ideas. Big leaps forward.
Innovative researchers at Michigan Medicine are imagining a brighter future--one where we catch cancer before it metastasizes, where we diagnose bipolar disorder with a simple blood test, and several other possibilities for making our health, and our lives, better.
Close up image of an open book with a blue stethoscope resting on it.
Medicine at Michigan
How to get into medical school
An admissions expert discusses how to get into medical school and what makes the process different at the University of Michigan.
A young Asian American woman with long curled brown hair, wearing blue scrubs, a white doctor's coat, and a stethoscope
Medicine at Michigan
Two degrees, one vision
A University of Michigan medical student who is also working on an MBA discusses what she wants to do with her two degrees.
Professional portrait of a middle aged white man wearing glasses and a suit.
Medicine at Michigan
When science is not enough
A public health expert discusses the challenges of public health messaging over the course of his career, from HIV to Covid-19 to mpox.
Professional portrait of a white woman with dark curly hair. She is wearing a blue blazer.
Medicine at Michigan
Post-Roe abortion care
An expert on reproductive rights and abortion care discusses the downstream consequences of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade.
woman doctor hallway labcoat
Health Lab
Diversifying medicine
One student's award-winning vision for breaking down barriers.
Mannequins on music notes
Health Lab
The musician’s body
Professional musicians are athletes. That’s not just a metaphor — at least not for the speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, laryngologists, vocal coaches, and other providers who care for them.
doctors smiling headshot red shirt and white coat
Health Lab
Antiracism rockstar
Physician Brittani James is here to tell you that antiracism is work is for anybody and everybody.
family laughing together at table with game
Health Lab
Geeking out about neuroanatomy
A professor that takes complex problems seriously, but also enjoys a good game.
Doctor, children and toys spiraling
Health Lab
Children’s mental health is in crisis
Here are 7 things you can do right now to help.
Medicine at Michigan
Antiracism Rockstar
An alum fights racism in medicine and says we need to focus on policy changes
Medicine at Michigan
Children's Mental Health Is in Crisis
Experts discuss what we can do right now to help
Medicine at Michigan
Diversifying Medicine
A first-generation student develops a web platform to break down barriers for others
Medicine at Michigan
Geeking Out About Neuroanatomy
A professor uses games and apps to teach neurology
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