Jane Racey Gleeson

Jane Racey Gleeson has been a member of the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center’s communications team as a contributing writer for the past five years. She works with the team to produce targeted communications for a variety of Frankel CVC-related projects. Gleeson’s 30+ years in the technical communications field extends to custom publications, website development and integrated marketing for a variety of clients. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.
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Courtney Weirauch and family
Health Lab
A rare diagnosis and a young mother who’s spreading the word
Courtney Weirauch didn’t know what lymphangioleiomyomatosis was – but she quickly learned about the rare lung condition and how it would impact her life.
Girl doing a dive into swimming pool
Health Lab
A child’s unbearable leg pain signaled a rare problem many couldn’t solve
After years spent searching for the cause of her leg pain, the now 16-year-old is on the mend. 
Barber cutting boys hair
Health Lab
A new heart brings new hope
Sethan Wilder’s cardiovascular issues began early in life and continued for many years until a heart transplant was his only option.
figure of person drawn seeing lines inside from brain and yoga poses on shoulders, pills going into mouth and cream on shoulders orange blue white
Health Lab
Breaking free of opioids
A neurologist shares alternative treatments for chronic pain and the importance of steering clear of opioids. 
man playing instrument cello bass
Health Lab
What every performing artist should know to avoid injury
If you’re a performing artist, the things that put you at highest risk for injury are under your control.
Man in red football jersey exercising with bands and smiling in room
Health Lab
A constant state of Afib
One patient’s persistent atrial fibrillation required two specialized heart procedures 14 months apart. But now, he’s episode free.
boy dog close up outside photo
Health Lab
Surgery for rare brain malformation detected in utero leads to uniquely talented tween
A newborn baby who underwent complex brain procedures grows to be a healthy young boy with a “heart of gold."
marine standing on one side and other photo in wheelchair dressed
Health Lab
Young man paralyzed from the neck down makes strides toward independence
A diving accident took away much of Kanon McVicker’s independence, but complex nerve and tendon transfer procedures are helping him meet important
Family smiling with children at table
Health Lab
Deep brain stimulation offers hope for Parkinson’s patient
One man’s quality of life is greatly improved, thanks to a procedure that sends a mild electrical current to his brain.
seflie with mom and two kids
Health Lab
Telemedicine visit identifies rare condition in young pregnant woman
After the diagnosis, Cristina Bashans was carefully monitored for a potentially life-threatening aortic aneurysm.
Woman in mauve zip up sports jacket with arms raised smiling
Health Lab
Exercise as medicine
Whether you’re a novice, professional athlete or in between, an expert shares the important health benefits of exercise.
Man and woman couple holding puppy smiling
Health Lab
Hearing is healing
A patient finally gets answers to his health concerns, thanks to “a doctor who listened closely” to his symptoms.
Couple standing by RV smiling
Health Lab
Intuition and expertise lead to heart surgery at the right time
One woman’s bicuspid valve was replaced, and aortic aneurysm repaired, after a period of doctor-led “watchful waiting.”
Doctor kneeling in clinic next to child flexing muscles
Health Lab
A post-surgical nightmare turned ‘miracle’
Doctors say the results would have been catastrophic had the then 4-year-old received heart surgery elsewhere.
Hand surgeon standing next to pediatric male patient
Health Lab
A hand surgeon, a child and a brand new thumb
A young patient shares how a special surgeon “gave me a thumb and helped my hand get all better.
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