Ian Demsky

Demsky was a previous Health Lab contributor and member of the public relations team.

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Couple sitting at table with wine, garden in background, woman with arm around man.
Health Lab
Finding your new groove
How to overcome sexual challenges after cancer.
Brain Rainbow Cloud Gray Fog
Health Lab
7 things to know about ‘chemo brain’
Many who have undergone treatment for chemotherapy report they can’t think as clearly as they used to. Experts break down the phenomenon often known as “chemo brain.” 
Senior woman with hand on head looking at book with calculator next to her at table
Health Lab
Fighting financial toxicity
Patients often find themselves juggling new financial worries at the same time as a cancer diagnosis. Now, researchers are tackling the issue.
Multicolored rainbow brain cross section on black background
Health Lab
New clues toward treating pediatric brain tumors harboring epigenetic mutation
Inhibition of STAT3 signaling may improve survival in those with H3.3G34R/V mutant gliomas, animal studies suggest.
 Metformin Molecular Model
Health Lab
Common diabetes drug promising against rare childhood brain tumor in laboratory studies
What if a common diabetes medication could help fight a rare type of childhood brain cancer? Recent lab studies reveal metformin shows promising results in suppressing specific tumor types.
colorful microscopic amino acid cells
Health Lab
Glioma subtype may hold the secret to the success of immunotherapies
Researchers have found a common mutation in gliomas makes them sensitive to immunotherapy. Studies of mouse models indicate a potential path toward more effective treatments for this type of cancer.
red thermometer background in white
Health Lab
Wearable temperature sensor provides early warning for complications in cancer patients
The device, which takes measurements every two minutes, was able to detect infection and cytokine release syndrome events several hours sooner than routine monitoring.
purple and blue microscopic cancer cells with lab note badge on bottom right in yellow and navy
Health Lab
Pumping iron: inhibition of key pathway promotes iron-dependent cell death in pancreatic cancer cells
Cell culture study maps mechanisms underlying a new potential strategy for killing pancreatic cancer cells through a type of cell death known as ferroptosis.
teal microscopic cell prostate cancer
Health Lab
Genomic test could help predict aggressive disease in men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer
An analysis of patient data from across Michigan found scores from the Decipher Biopsy test independently aligned with outcomes.
Family smiling and hugging one another
Health Lab
For Ann Arbor Pastor Stacey Duke, and many other patients with cancer, the pandemic feels far from over
Duke, who was profiled in March 2020, reflects on navigating life with stage 4 cancer while much of the country is focused on getting ‘back to normal’ 
blue glove holding blood vial
Health Lab
Blood test shows promise for predicting treatment response in metastatic HPV-positive throat cancer
A new blood test could give doctors more time to try alternative treatments for HPV-positive throat cancer by signaling whether initial treatment is effective much earlier than current diagnostic tests.
lime green structure with purple in left middle and lab note badge in navy and yellow in bottom right
Health Lab
Researchers develop first inhibitors against key epigenetic complex involved in cancer
Activity of the polycomb repressive complex 1 is essential for the development and maintenance of leukemic cells; disrupting it presents a new potential therapeutic approach.
pink purple spongy tissue under microscope view
Health Lab
BET inhibitors show promise in overcoming lineage plasticity, a newly recognized form of resistance to prostate cancer drugs
Some prostate tumors transition from being glandular to more nerve-like in response to drugs that block the androgen receptor; a new preclinical study examines the underlying mechanisms and uncovers a promising countermeasure.
doctor in white coat scanning person in machine with words "lab note" written on yellow badge with blue font bottom right
Health Lab
Statewide quality improvement project reduced excessive radiation treatments for bone metastases by 80%
The effort by the Michigan Radiation Oncology Quality Consortium reduced unnecessary medical procedures, and saved the time and resources of patients and families.
Color wires Microsopic Tissue Ultrasonic waves
Health Lab
Ultrasound Technology Developed at U-M Now in Clinical Trials for Liver Cancer
Trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of histotripsy against liver tumors at eight U.S. sites
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