Helen Korneffel

Korneffel was a previous Health Lab contributor and member of the public relations team.

Helen Korneffel
Zion sitting on steps outside his home with his parents.
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7-Year-Old Receives New FDA-Approved Retina Gene Therapy
Gene therapy may prevent blindness from rare eye disease Leber congenital amaurosis.
Jakob with Parents
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While Waiting for 5-Organ Transplant, Little Victor Travels to Washington
Five-year-old’s family shares importance of prioritizing children’s health to lawmakers on Capitol Hill during Speak Now for Advocacy Day.
Youth sports safety tips image
Health Lab
Tackling Emergencies: 6 Scenarios Every Parent and Coach Should Prepare for
Physicians share advice on how parents and coaches can best handle, and avoid, any curveballs thrown their kid or athlete’s way.
Camp Crackers
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Need Kid-Friendly Crafts? Camp Little Victors Can Help!
Camp Little Victors, a virtual summer camp program led by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, helps families make the most out of the hot months ahead.
Eye picture
Health Lab
Can Supplements Improve Eye Health and Vision?
Kellogg Eye Center ophthalmologists explain which vitamins and supplements are actually good for your eyes.
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Future physicians: High school students in Detroit get hands-on training
A unique Michigan Medicine program exposes underrepresented minority students to careers in medicine.  
Hellen Korneffel
Health Lab
Paving My Road to Health Independence
With numerous new and challenging obligations to face, the road to adulthood for kids and teens is anything but easy. Writer Helen Korneffel shares the latest findings from the C.S. Mott Children’s National Poll on Children’s Health.
Little girl in wheel chair
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2-Year-Old’s Sudden Cardiac Episode Requires Life-Saving Team Effort
After experiencing heart failure, toddler was airlifted by Michigan Medicine’s Survival Flight team from northern Michigan to Ann Arbor for emergency surgery. His mother recounts the emotional journey.
Doctor Office
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U-M Pediatrician: Government Missed Opportunity to Improve Care for Children With Sickle Cell Disease
Michigan Medicine pediatrician says government missed opportunity to improve care for children with sickle cell disease
Health Lab
Scleroderma Support: Patients Find Help Online
A new website is helping patients with scleroderma learn more about the condition, how to manage their symptoms and self-advocacy strategies.
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4 Lawn Mower Safety Rules Every Parent Should Know
Child lawn mower injuries can be severe. Read our top tips to keep children safe while mowing this summer.
Family outside
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For 20 Years, Lung Transplant Recipient Said Thanks With Roses
From establishing a transplant support group to planting rose bushes, Bev Cherwinski has embraced her second chance at life.
Health Lab
Rules Every Child Should Know Before Riding a Bike, Scooter or Skateboard
Nearly 600 children end up in the emergency department for bike-related injuries every day. Here’s how parents can improve children’s street smarts to keep them safe.