Elisabeth Paymal

Elisabeth Paymal joined the Center for RNA Biomedicine as its public relations specialist in 2020. Prior to this role, she was the communication manager for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy, a USAID project, and the head of communications for the French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity, in Paris.

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Department News
New Epigenomic Metabolic Medicine Center to speed understanding of genes and disease
The new Epigenomic Metabolic Medicine center (EM2C) will contribute to understanding how genetic variations contribute to common, complex diseases such as diabetes
dna illustration in blue purple and pink on black background
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An often overlooked cause of genetic disease
Pituitary diseases arise from RNA splicing variants.
drawing of a DNA strand in yellow badge that says lab note
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Cells are surprisingly inefficient at RNA splicing
Researchers say it leaves most intronic sequences untouched as transcripts are being synthesized.
Microscopic image of developing fruit fly brain lobes.
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Scientists Identify Genes Involved in Neuron Development
The study identifies RNAs not previously known in these processes, helping to better understand how the complex neuron-generation process works at the molecular level.
rainbow ribbon like illustration of ribonucleic acid chain
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RNA Research Brings Hope to Millions with Rare Diseases
A human genetics investigator discusses new RNA research developments that may aid in treating and preventing rare genetic diseases.
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Study Finds Disease Causing Repeats Help Human Neurons Function
By focusing on the biology of healthy nerve cells, new research finds repeats in a gene, which causes Fragile X Syndrome, regulates how and when proteins are made in neurons.