Daniel Ellman

Daniel Ellman is a communications specialist at Michigan Medicine, serving as the editor of Headlines, the organization’s daily employee newsletter. Prior to joining Michigan Medicine, he spent 10 years in various roles with the Chicago Tribune and two years as a reporter for Chicago Public Radio.
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three pharmacists smiling
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An innovative pharmacy service for pain management
An innovative service at Michigan Medicine offers pain management support for patients and care teams
Health Lab
How bedside musicians helped one family cope with tragedy
How the gifts of art and beside music and art programs helped one family cope with tragedy
Health Lab
Fighting back against Parkinson's disease
The program, held at TITLE Boxing Club in Ann Arbor, is an affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing, a national nonprofit organization. Boxing helps patients with dopamine regulation, strength, stamina and camaraderie.
Doctor and nurses smiling in clinic room at hospital
Health Lab
New clinic transforms lives for patients with liver ailments
The establishment of a clinic specific for patients with limited liver functionality improves wait time for patients and alleviates the emergency department.
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A one-kidney family
Without hesitation, a father and mother both individually donate a kidney to each of their two children who were in desperate need.
surgeons woman operating room gowns
Health Lab
Making history in the operating room
First all-female liver transplant team at Michigan Medicine carries out a life-saving procedure.
map of michigan in hot orange and state is in teal with little people figures doing different activities all over
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Summer plans ahead? Stay safe with these 5 cool tips
How to make the most of the season, happily and healthily.
mother and daughter standing smiling at camera together
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Responsive Stimulation Gives Patient a ‘Second Chance’ at Life
Called NeuroPace, the medical device helped one patient overcome her epileptic seizures.
woman with dark hair standing next to man with tracheostomy sitting in chair
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Assisted Ventilation Clinic Helps ALS Patient Maintain His Quality of Life
'Every day is a good day’: a meaningful patient-doctor relationship that changed everything.
Blue mask on white table
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4 Mask Myths That Put You at Risk
Get to the truth of the matter with these scientifically-backed facts from an infection prevention specialist.
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'A Therapeutic Gift’: Art Helps 6-Year-Old Cope with Cancer Treatment
While undergoing cancer treatments, six-year-old finds a lifelong talent and gift through painting.
Four month old Nina after open heart surgery to treat tetralogy of fallot
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Fixing a Tiny Heart: Open-Heart Surgery at 4 Months Old
Four month old Nina had pediatric open heart surgery to treat tetralogy of fallot. See Nina's story and learn more about the congenital heart defect TOF.