Craig McCool

As communications manager for Global REACH at the University of Michigan Medical School, McCool shares stories about U-M students and faculty involved in international global health work. He is also the copy editor of the national Journal of Healthcare Administration Education. Prior to joining U-M, Craig was a communications manager at MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas and has an extensive background in both newspapers and corporate communications.

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Long in decline, maternal mortality rate trends have stalled in recent years
After decades of falling global maternal mortality rates, has the momentum evaporated? A new WHO report suggests just that, and Michigan Medicine researchers are urging their peers not to take their collective eye off the ball.
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Advising China's first Olympic medevac program
How Beijing's emergency air service operations worked with the Survival Flight team before the start of games.
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COVID-19 Becomes Focus of Medical Student’s CNN Internship
For Gina Yu, her initial exposure to the pandemic wasn’t from the bedside, but from within the media news storm.
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During Pandemic, Medical Students Volunteer to Ensure No One Dies Alone
Students adapt and reintroduce a bedside program that brings comfort to patients who find themselves alone at the end of their lives.
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How Quickly Does Coronavirus Spread?
Modeling emerging diseases like COVID-19 can be difficult and potentially inaccurate with traditional reporting methods alone. One U-M researcher has been using her expertise in forecasting epidemiological trends to collaborate with researchers in China t
Medicine at Michigan
Curbing Intimate Partner Violence
Developing a curriculum on intimate partner violence for lower-resource countries
Health Lab
Expanding Diagnostic Services in Ghana Through Ride-Sharing
Some taxis in the northern part of the country will soon have new passengers: pathology samples en route to labs for testing.
Medicine at Michigan
In Sight
Pop-up eye clinics bring clarity to those in need
Health Lab
Pop-Up Eye Clinic in a Shipping Container Targets Underserved Communities
U-M researchers have designed an eye clinic in a shipping container. See how the ophthalmology container clinic is helping underserved regions with eye care.
Health Lab
How Hospitals Can Improve Crisis Management When Tragedy Strikes
University of Michigan Doctors examine the efficiency of a hospital's disaster-preparedness program. See how 499 injuries were treated after a disastrous fire.