Colleen Stone

Stone is a digital and communications specialist within Michigan Medicine’s department of surgery and specializes in writing about academic culture and surgery research. She enjoys storytelling in all formats and making complex concepts relatable.

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Building a sustainable kidney transplant program in Rwanda
A Michigan Medicine surgeon builds a sustainable kidney transplant program in Rwanda.
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Donor pancreas tissue helps define 'new normal' in pancreatic cancer research
A research partnership has revealed a new pathway to understanding the progression of pancreatic cancer.
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A surgery resident's breastfeeding story
Catherine Wagner, a cardiothoracic surgery resident, experienced firsthand how policies established by a previous cohort provided support for pregnant and breastfeeding trainees.
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Gender-affirming mastectomies improve mental health, sexual functioning and more
A study found anxiety and depression decreased in patients who underwent gender-affirming mastectomies.
World War 2 vintage journals and documents and photos
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From surgeon to historian: a search for truth in wartime surgery logs
A deep dive into logbooks from the father of a surgeon reveals what surgery on the battlefields of World War II was really like.
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When COVID Dealt Struggling Medical Students Another Blow, the Shield Fund Provided a Lifeline
A student who’d been helped stepped up along with faculty members to pay it forward.
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Applying Extended Reality Technologies to Rounds
A fast-tracked collaboration leads to an innovative modality for bringing learners into patient rooms, and sharing best practices and findings with far-flung colleagues.
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6 Misconceptions About Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Two plastic surgeons address common misconceptions about breast reconstruction surgery, and answer commonly asked questions.
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Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Options, Benefits and Barriers
Breast reconstruction surgery can be a key part of recovery from treatment, learn about the options, benefits and barriers from an expert.
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Antibiotics Could Replace or Delay Surgery for Appendicitis in Adults
Findings from the largest trial of its kind to date point to more control over treatment choices for patients with appendicitis.
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Culture Is Complicated, and There’s a Curriculum for It
Surgeons are used to discussing clinical complications, and there’s even a formal process for it: In the Department of Surgery, weekly death and complications conferences are held to peer-review specific cases with adverse outcomes.
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Surgical Volume Improves Patient Outcomes — But Should Related Procedures Count?
A U-M study of pancreatic cancer surgeries suggests experience with related procedures could help when setting volume standards for relatively rare operations.
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Anticipating, Managing and Anticipating Again: The Phases of COVID-19 in Surgical Practice
How do you prepare for a pandemic? You plan, and then you adapt.