Beth Uznis Johnson

Johnson was a previous Health Lab contributor

Health Lab
Ringing the Bell for Lung Cancer
One patient overcomes treatment fears and signs on for clinical research.
Health Lab
A Cross-Country Journey to Treat Adrenal Cancer
One mom’s journey from Arizona to Michigan to be the first adrenal cancer patient to undergo an innovative procedure called HIPEC.
Rachel Moreno
Health Lab
Pancreatic Cancer Patient Goes From Dismal Diagnosis to Cancer Free
A patient’s journey from Arizona to the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center to participate in clinical research led to the successful removal of her cancerous tumor.
Health Lab
Breast Cancer Screening 101: Guidelines, Tools and Facts to Be ‘Breast Self-Aware’
All women should know about their breast cancer risk — a factor that varies with age and family history. Learn about when, how and why to get screened.
Health Lab
A Case for Second Opinions in Cancer Care
After a serious diagnosis elsewhere, a patient turned to Michigan Medicine, where a cancer surgeon’s careful review found only precancerous cells — with no major surgery needed.
Health Lab
Ovarian Cancer Survivor: Early Detection, Attitude Are Crucial
Following doctor’s orders — plus a steady dose of faith and positivity — helped a mother of five overcome a stage 4 diagnosis. Now, she’s working to educate others.
Health Lab
Bone Cancer Survivor Runs for Life, Health and Amputee Rights
A strong care team helped a young woman thrive after losing a limb to cancer. Now, she’s standing up for amputees in need.
Health Lab
Don’t Neglect Routine Pap Tests, Woman Urges Others
Get information on cervical cancer screening guidelines and hear from a cervical cancer survivor why it is important to have routine pap smear and HPV tests.
Health Lab
Thriving After Lung Cancer, Thanks to a Clinical Trial
One cancer patient’s immunotherapy clinical trial, an approach with hopeful results, could have implications for others seeking treatment.
Health Lab
How the Sex Talk Differs for Young Adults with Cancer
A new study finds potential to help adolescents and young adults transition to healthy sex lives after cancer treatment ends.
Health Lab
What Kids of Different Ages Understand About Cancer
From toddlers to teens, young people process news of a parent’s cancer diagnosis differently. Learn how perceptions evolve over time — and strategies for conversation.
Health Lab
How Should You Tell a Child That a Parent Has Cancer?
When a parent has cancer, children should be part of a conversation. Tips for talking to kids about the disease.
Health Lab
Living Well for 19 Years with Metastatic Breast Cancer
Stage 4 breast cancer survivor Heather Jose shares how research advancements and precision medicine helped her live 19 years and counting with metastatic cancer.
Health Lab
To Lighten Your Load, Share the Burden of Breast Cancer
See how hospital breast cancer resources and family support helped 66 year old Michele Galgoul reduce stress while navigating treatment for stage 3 breast cancer.
Health Lab
An Unwelcome Interruption: Cancer Harms Both Health and Social Lives of Young People
For adolescents and young adults with cancer, bouncing back to a regular social life after treatment doesn’t always happen without help, a new study finds.
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