Nicole Fawcett
Director of Communications, University of Michigan Rogel Cancer

Fawcett leads a team of communicators who produce targeted, innovative communication for the Rogel Cancer Center’s research and clinical enterprises. Prior to Michigan Medicine, Fawcett was a reporter at the Detroit News and editor for a web-based community for people with disabilities.

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woman working from home in three different scenes being stressed out in colors blue grey and yellow
Health Lab
‘Seizing a disruptive opportunity’ to improve gender equity in medicine
Women have borne a disproportionate burden during the COVID-19 pandemic, and women in medicine are no exception. Can we seize this disruptive opportunity to improve gender equity in medicine?
blue kidney cancer cell microscopic
Health Lab
Analysis Reveals How Kidney Cancer Develops and Responds to Treatment
Findings offer clues to why some types of renal cell carcinoma respond to immunotherapy while others do not.
cancer cell in lung that's purple in microscopic view
Health Lab
Study Suggests Path to Blocking Common Genetic Driver of Lung Cancer
Stopping the interaction between KRAS and the protein AGO2 slowed tumor growth in mouse models.
purple HPV cells floating
Health Lab
HPV Fuels Uptick in Head and Neck Cancers in Taiwan, Study Finds
Vaccines and other policies could help keep in check a disease that’s becoming increasingly common worldwide.
Doctor in whitecoat giving an exam with stethocope on patient
Health Lab
6 Key Facts About Clinical Trials
Why you should consider participating in a clinical trial and what to expect from the experience.
Man holding a dog outside
Health Lab
How One Caregiver Keeps his Dad Safe from COVID-19
I’m a protector. Keeping Dad healthy, really, that’s my motivation.
Interaction between STC1 and CRT within a cell
Health Lab
How a Little-Known Glycoprotein Blocks a Cancer Cell’s Immune Response
Targeting this inside-the-cell checkpoint could potentially improve response to cancer immunotherapy.
liver cancer red and orange in a blue body virtual drawing
Health Lab
Study Explains Why Patients with Cancer Spread to the Liver Have Worse Outcomes
The liver siphons critical immune cells to render immunotherapy ineffective; radiation to the liver may block this process.
man looking in microscope in lab
Health Lab
Prostate Cancer Regulator Plays Role in COVID-19, Providing a Promising Treatment Lead
Clinical trials underway are testing whether drugs that target the androgen receptor – successful in controlling prostate cancer – could also work against the coronavirus.
Visiting quarantined mother communicating through a glass window
Health Lab
Be a Protector by Keeping Loved Ones Safe from COVID
With a vaccine on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to protect those at risk of severe illness. Who do you protect?
Social distancing checking out at grocery store
Health Lab
Concern About Loved Ones Might Motivate People to Mask Up and Get Vaccine
New research suggests the thought of being a protector overrides desire for personal freedoms when it comes to COVID-safety messages. 
health visitor in blue scrubs and stethoscope and woman during home visit using digital tablet
Health Lab
Similar Factors Cause Health Disparities in Cancer, COVID-19
Implementing policies and strategies to eliminate racial disparities could improve outcomes for both diseases.
Coronavirus powersearching COVID-19
Health Lab
How to Search for COVID-19 Information Online
CDC guidelines, testing, community spread; finding trustworthy information online during the COVID-19 pandemic is vital. A new, free course is helping people find the facts they need about coronavirus.
Radiation therapy of young women breast cancer
Health Lab
Physicians Don’t Always Recognize Patients’ Radiation Therapy Side Effects
A new study finds that significant side effects were under-recognized in both younger patients and Black patients being treated for breast cancer.
Woman staring in distance with a pencil in hand
Health Lab
Feeling Stressed or Down in a World with COVID? Try This Writing Tool
A new tool uses expressive writing to help cancer patients, others cope with life challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.
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